3 Life Lessons In a Bookstore Ballroom... - Sage B. Hobbs

Yippee!  This is me squealing, and feeling pumped to share this with you…


I was standing in an old ballroom surrounded by thousands of gorgeous books with many eyes on me.  An hour before, I’d had a wicked headache and my kids were crawling (literally) all over me, wanting my attention.  Now, here I was.


{#1. We play a million roles in life.  There’s room to be a complex, multi-dimentional person.}


My husband and I drove downtown on a dark, Monday night.  I walked with a bag of my books in my hand, still warding off the pain in my head and pumping myself up for the experience ahead.  


I had a flash of awareness, as I carried my books, that just two years short years ago I never would have imagined I’d be doing this.  Carrying a book I’d written and going out to give a talk in public.


Life can be like that… a series of surprises.  Some delight, some challenge, but none are “expected.”


{#2. If you measure backward, you may be surprised at how much you’ve grown or accomplished, verses always looking ahead to what is yet to be.}


I was heading out to give a talk at the cool, old, beautiful independent bookstore among other local authors.  


It turned out to be thrilling, humbling, and totally awesome.


I had so much fun listening to the other writers share their stories.  The room was full beyond seating capacity, with folks of all ages who’d gathered to listen to us, their community authors.


I didn’t realize how good it would feel to be a part of this group of people whom I’d never met, but with whom I share a common experience of authorship-  the courage to share something we’ve made with the world, in all its real imperfection.


But, DUH.  Of course community feels amazing.  That’s the whole point of everything I do really.  


{#3. Being connected to others feels good.  Whether it’s big groups or small, having a tribe gives you a sense of belonging.}


Feeling connected.  Feeling like you belong.  That you’re worthy of love.  That you’re capable of loving.  That you’re courageous enough to be yourself.  That maybe you’re actually badass enough to want an exceptional life, beyond the everyday.


Standing in the Boulder Bookstore was another incredible reminder that human connection can happen anywhere.  And that when it does, it feels amazing and lights us up.


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