My tool kit for fresh starts - Sage B. Hobbs

Not to overkill the new year’s stuff, but I have to write my first post of 2015 on fresh starts. It just feels good and right, and it’s where my head is these days.

We traveled for 12 days, staying in the homes of much adored family.  However, never has our own bed felt better, especially since that means the kids are also in their happy places and we all sleep!  I also indulged more than usual in, shall we say, less than healthy foods. Albeit delicious and fun, but my body is grateful to be back to it’s normal routine as well.  I hope your holidays (if you celebrate this time of year) were more lovely than overwhelming, and that you are starting this new year refreshed and inspired.

More on less overwhelm and more ease here.

As they say on Friday Night Lights, “Clear eyes.  Full hearts.  Can’t lose.”  (Yes, that was a small TV addiction I had some time ago.  I was a guidance counselor for a decade, and Tammy Taylor is definitely badass and brilliant!)

So, onward!  What are you planning for 2015?  In your personal life?  In your professional life?  In the balance between the two?

Here are the tools I’ve used to reflect on 2014 and set my intentions for the new year.

  1. “Cleaning house.” You can watch my previous post for more details on this, but it is something I return to again and again.  I’ve purged so much out of our closets and my desk area.  Feels fantastic.  Clean space helps to clear one’s mind.  And a clear mind can create.  And a creative mind can make magic happen.
  2. I’m a perpetual nerd, obsessed with learning.  So, I adopted this great exercise from Denise Duffield-Thomas at  You can check it out in more detail on her site.  Basically, you write down a list of all of your accomplishments in 2014, both personally and professionally.  Here’s the piece that takes it up a level for a profound impact, you must do it with someone else. And when you think your list is complete, they will simply ask you “what else?” again and again, until your list is bursting to at least 40 “brags.”  This is SO huge as you practice living a Badass + Brilliant life.  Most women, no matter how successful and incredible they are, struggle to own and share their greatness.  So, have at it and BRAG a bit.  It will set you up beautifully to start fresh this year.
  3. Wrote down my intentions and desires.  These are two different things for me.  My intentions are what I plan to actively and consciously create in my personal and business growth and development.   For example, one of my fabulous yoga teachers Jeanie Manchester, offered the intention “to bring flow in moments of resistance.”  I love it, as resistance comes up constantly in our lives, and what we resist persists.  Or, for me, “to create a new offering that beautifully serves the Badass + Brilliant community, with fun and ease.”  My desire list is a bit lighter and more concrete.  For example, “to go see a new show with my husband.”  Or, “to take an awesome vacation to the beach with my family,” or “more dancing!”  Share what your intentions and desires are with the B + B community in the comments below.  Be bold, and put it out in the world!

If you’ve been overwhelmed and inundated with resolutions, promises, new beginnings, etc. this new year, just take what you want and leave the rest!  I hope you enjoy creating and dreaming and playing with what could be possible for you and your life this year.

As always, it means so much to me to have this Badass + Brilliant community all over the world.  Thank you for hanging out with me each week!

Keep being Badass + Brilliant.  You are change agents.  The world needs you.

Game on!



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