Acting like a toddler could bring you happiness and success

Just like that expression “everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten,” let’s talk about acting like a toddler (without the tantrums and diapers.)

My almost-2-year old leans forward and pokes her head out the corner of the screen from the bike trailer and yells “Hi!” to the man riding past us.  We then park the trailer, and walk her brother into school.  She calls out a robust “Hi” to every passerby.  If they ignore her she says it again and again until they respond.  Grocery store, same thing.  Bank, same happy hello.

Without fail, everyone smiles and returns her greeting… eventually, once they surprisingly realize it was directed at them.

No fear.  No insecurities.  No “us vs. them.” No self-consciousness.  Just pure love.  Pure desire to connect with the world.

My son is almost six.  He’s a kind-hearted, observant, hilarious little dude.  BUT, he’s already quieter.  He’s already learned about strangers.  That you don’t just talk to anyone on the street.  That people might laugh at you, or misunderstand you.

The box around him is being built.  The limits to his own huge, glorious, awesomeness are beginning to form.  His self-expression is a bit more controlled.  A bit more stifled. And I want to scream, “No, that part of being a grown-up sucks!  Be yourself! Don’t be afraid!”

And he’s only 5.

Now, here we all are.  Out in the world.  Wanting intimacy and connection.  Wanting to be heard and valued.  Wanting to make a difference in others’ lives.  Wanting loving families and successful careers.

But our boxes have gotten small.  We completely disconnect from the little person that we ALL were, who was just curious and excited to say “Hi!” and make a new friend.

As I write and coach more and more about being Badass + Brilliant, I keep coming back to my kids.  How, in many ways, they are so much braver than we often are as adults.  And they often have more fun.  And are great at being present.

And, I’m super clear, that if we want to live BIG, BEAUTIFUL, BADASS, BRILLIANT lives we need to share more.  Speak up more.  Ask questions more.

Today, be like an almost-2-year-old.  Just try it out.  It might be weird, scary, or uncomfortable.  That’s cool.  Go for it anyway.

Smile at someone as you pass by.

Offer a compliment to a coworker or friend.

Ask someone two more questions about themselves than you usually would feel comfortable asking.

Write a blog post that’s a bit more vulnerable.

Set up a meeting, or a date, with someone with whom you’ve been wanting to connect.

Stretch beyond your little box.  See how it feels to be a little more free again.  Pretty darn good, I think.  

Don’t worry.  Your comfortable box is always there, waiting for you.  You can go back in it anytime you need a break.  Or you want to feel safe.

BUT, don’t live there all the time.  Remember, you are Badass + Brilliant.  The world needs you.  Really, it does.  

In the comments below, tell us how you are being bold and brave, like an almost-2-year-old.  Inspiration fuels inspiration, so speak up and share!

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Keep being Badass + Brilliant.  You are change agents.  

Yours in box-busting,



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