Ambition and balance: Can you have both? - Sage B. Hobbs

Just curious…

Do you ever find yourself oscillating between being really ambitious, driven, motivated and wanting to maintain balance, calm, presence?  

I do a lot these days.  I’m so inspired and exhilarated by building my business, creating meaningful work, making the contribution I want to make in the world. AND, I am so committed to playing with my kids, connecting with my husband, finding time to nurture my friendships, and getting outside.

The age-old question…. Can I have/do/be both?? Can I be a balanced, happy, mom, wife, friend, and thriving entrepreneur?  

Perhaps I’m a perpetual optimist, obsessed with the idea that anything is possible. Anything can be done. So, I tend to believe that, yes, we can create these amazing lives we love with synergy.   

Now, this balance is different for everyone.  I tend to be a high energy person, so my threshold of balance and drive may look different than yours.  That’s totally fine.

I just think it’s fun to play with going after what we want.   So, just to humor me, think about the three tips below and how they could support you in this effort to maintain balance while kicking butt.

What is one thing that you’d really like to do, but haven’t gotten to yet? Click here to post a comment on my facebook page. I promise to read every single one.  And if we haven’t yet connected on FB, please join me there!  Is there a trip you’ve wanted to take?  A blog you’re longing to write?  A business you’d like to start?  A dinner party to throw?


  • Ask yourself, “what would it really take for me to make that happen?” I’m an adventurer, and a planner.  It’s not an oxymoron, I promise! Really write out all the steps that it would take to make this dream or desire come to fruition. By writing it down, you are already closer to making it happen.  (For real, there is researched evidence that you are much more likely to reach goals/dreams that you’ve written down.  Crazy, huh?)


  • Connect with someone, or a group of people, who share your passion and excitement.   We are so much more likely to make things happen when we have someone else who wants it to happen too.  And, it’s much more fun!  (I like fun, in case you haven’t noticed.) Find a like minded entrepreneur, or a co-hostess for the dinner party!


  • What practices or rituals support you in feeling grounded and balanced?  So as not to tip the balance when you start to really go after something you want, think clearly about those things that restore your energy.  For me, it’s being outside, a good meal with someone I love, playing with my kids, and yoga, to name a few.  What is it for you?  If you are clear on this question, you’ll be more able to ramp up your drive button and still maintain balance.

As always, thank you for being a part of this conversation about creating lives we love.   I so appreciate you, and look forward to hearing about how YOU are making things happen in your life.

With love and gratitude,


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