Badass Mama. YOU can live a badass and brilliant life: Part 3 - Sage B. Hobbs

One of my best friends on the planet just birthed her second baby (welcome Eve!) and it reminded me of how becoming a mom has been my biggest lesson in living a badass and brilliant life.  I considered being pregnant a major accomplishment (one that I never need to accomplish again!), let alone getting those little beings out in the world.  And, it’s all totally trumped by then figuring out how to actually raise kind, responsible, compassionate, independent humans.

Whether you are a mom or not, you are on this journey with us of learning how to live your best life.  How to live a life of purpose and passion.  How to feel like you are truly alive, full of vitality and using your strengths to make a difference in the world.  Because I know that you have awesome things to offer, and the world needs you.

Today I’ll share some of my lessons from motherhood, but they really apply to everyone. They are lessons on life, just delivered by my adorable, clever, hilarious kids.

Here are Part 1 and Part 2 of the “YOU can live a badass and brilliant life” series, in case you missed them (or loved them so much you just want to check ‘em out again 😉

What you say and do in the world actually matters.  All of us are children, even if we’re not all parents.  And, as children, we listened to what our parents said as the “truth” until we were old enough to form our own opinions.  So, if I drop a four letter word in traffic, my 5 year old is reprimanding me from the back seat and I’ve just shown him one way to handle frustration (and my 1 year old is repeating the word a hundred times).  Or if I tell him that he needs to be nice to an annoying kid in his class, even if he doesn’t want to be his friend, it’s a lesson on human kindness. Same thing goes if you go out of your way to return a lost wallet, or you flip someone off who got in your way.  We are all connected in this web called life.  My kids just help to remind me of that on a daily basis.  So, remember your power and contribution and use it wisely.  Others actually are listening.

Surrender what you can’t control.  This one is in the category of simple, but not easy.  It can be so hard to let go of what we can’t control.  I learned this the second I became a mom and was awoken a million times in the night, and I’m learning it still.  For example, you’re stuck in traffic.  You could spend the entire time pissed off and cursing your gps for not having an alternate route.  Or, you could use the time to reconnect with a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time, or listen to some great music and meditate on life.  As a busy entrepreneur, mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister who can also tend to be an ambitious perfectionist, I am re-learning the gift of surrender over and over again.  Letting go of that which we can’t control can be the keys to kingdom of peace and happiness, my friend.

Speak up for what you think is important.  This doesn’t mean make others wrong. It simply means that the world needs your passion and commitment.  My son reminds me of this all the time, because kids often see things as “right or wrong” without shades of gray. In his mind, of course you should tell someone to stop being mean or to give back the book they unfairly took.  We as adults sometimes get lazy, scared, or uncomfortable speaking up. For example, say something to that uncle who always makes the inappropriate joke that makes everyone uncomfortable.  This goes back to number one as well, since others will notice and appreciate your courage and leadership.

The lessons from motherhood are endless.  Carry an extra shirt for yourself when you have a newborn.  Don’t forget diapers on a plain ride.  Reading books is really an awesome way to spend time.

But, most importantly, keep exploring the messages and lessons that YOU have received about how to live life.  Keep deciding which ones have served you beautifully, and which ones it is time to re-write.

I know you are creative, passionate, and wise.  I know you are up to big things in life, from raising remarkable kids, to running your own business, to a combination of both and more.  Being badass and brilliant simply means that you are living in sync with your own desires and talents, and unleashing your greatness so that the world can receive your awesomeness.

In the comments below, share some of your badass moments.  For example, when you spoke your mind, asked for a raise, rocked a presentation, initiated a kiss…

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Keep being Badass + Brilliant.  You are change agents.  The world needs you.

Game on!



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