Being Naked in Public: Is Vulnerability Worth the Risk?

Okay, I’m not literally standing naked in public, thank goodness!  But, I am talking about putting it all out there and the big V word.  

Vulnerability has been on my mind big time lately.   I’m reading Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly, and it is awesome.  I know a book is awesome when it’s taken up residence in my thoughts long after I’ve put it down.


I’m hosting my first free, live webinar about busting through overwhelm this Saturday and I feel super vulnerable.  {You can join here!  It’s going to rock, even though I’m kind of freaking out.}

You’ll be able see and hear me, but I won’t see or hear you!  What will you think of me? Will I stumble on my words?  Will the technology fail and I’ll look like an idiot?  Will you find it valuable?

But I know that vulnerability is a key ingredient to happiness.  It’s at the heart of intimate relationships.  It drives your ability to grow in your work.  It fuels your authenticity and vitality.

And vulnerability can be straight up terrifying.

Here are some tales of vulnerability that may be familiar:

First day of school.  Will anyone sit by you or want to be your friend?  Terrifying, but can you imagine your life without an education?

First time you raised your hand in class.  SO scary that you might look stupid or get it wrong.  But, can you imagine a life where you never asked questions?

First time you shared your writing, art, project, or research with someone. You put so much effort and heart into it, what if they didn’t like it?  But, how lonely and isolated would your life be if you kept all of your creativity and talent to yourself?

First time you tell someone you love them.  For me, they didn’t immediately return the sentiment.  I was mortified!  But, I would never live a life without love, even with the risk of heartbreak.

First time you got naked with someone else romantically.  SO vulnerable.  But, can you imagine your life without sensuality?

Vulnerability is part of being alive, of living a full-out life.

While building a fortress can be damn tempting, the cost would be HUGE. Love, intimacy, connection, contribution, excitement, joy.

I’m still in year one of entrepreneurship, and my fear of failure, of taking risks, of being seen and vulnerable are in my face all the time.

But, is your desire bigger than your fear?  For me, it’s a loud YES, so I stand “naked” before you each week in my blog, my webinar, my own growth adventure.

It’s not always easy, but I’m into carpe diem living, and I can’t do that without being vulnerable.

In the comments below, I’d LOVE to hear from you…

“What is one way you have been vulnerable and it has been worth the risk?”

Broken record I know, but I truly believe that the world needs YOUR brilliance.  And I know that when we are too scared to put ourselves out there, to be vulnerable, we can’t express our full awesomeness.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me here in my little blog world.  If you find these weekly musings valuable, I’d be so psyched it if you’d pass them on to your friends.

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



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