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Why not you?

Lately I’ve been wrestling with some hard questions.  Actually, I’ve been wrestling with hard questions for as long as I can remember, but lately I’ve been letting them have a bit of room to run.   Last week my husband and I...
How should you take feedback?

How should you take feedback?

How do you deal when someone in your life gives you feedback that is uncomfortable, hurtful, or makes you angry? Do you take it all in?  Let it soak in and feel shitty about yourself? Deflect it? Not listen or make them...

Your Voice is a Muscle – Use it and be heard.

“Your voice is a muscle. You need it to rise to the occasion of your life. That’s why it’s called speaking up.”  -Danielle LaPorte   I read this yesterday and my mind screamed “Hell yeah!  That’s it. That’s the piece we’re missing.”   Speaking...

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