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I coach women who want to find purpose, feel joy, and create wealth (whatever wealth means to them).  My clients have varied backgrounds, interests, and goals. However, they are all committed to playing big in life, unleashing their brilliance, and using their talents to live a life they love.

Clients who are a great fit want to:

  • Start their own business, but have fear of jumping in, or don’t know where to begin
  • Make a career change to have a job they truly love that showcases their brilliance
  • Return to the workforce with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Expand their leadership in their professional or personal community to make the contribution they know they were born to make
  • Find the confidence to go after what they want
  • Join the workforce and build a career that appreciates their unique strengths
  • Write the novel, get the gallery exhibit, create the work they have to share with the world before they die, but “haven’t gotten to yet”
  • Feel overwhelmed and need clarity to find more joy and fulfillment

There are commonalities among clients that make the coaching relationship successful. If the following traits are a fit for you, then you are a fit for coaching.

  • Ready to play big in life
  • Ready to make changes to move your life forward in the areas you desire
  • Willing to take some risks and explore new options
  • Excited to explore new possibilities
  • Want the support, insight, and encouragement of a non-judgmental coach
  • Generally satisfied with your life, but longing to make it even more exceptional

Let’s bring the spirit of play into your life and create a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.  If you are interested in exploring coaching further, contact me for a free introductory session.

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