Complete 2014 and Create 2015 - Sage B. Hobbs

I’m staring down the end of 2014 and wanting to kick some serious butt before this year comes to a close. Entering the entrepreneur world has been a wild roller coaster ride, with exhilarating highs and moments of learning curve lows.   But passion and purpose doth drive me onward, friends, and I’m lovin’ it.

Instead of just creating new resolutions for next year, what is it that you truly want to accomplish and celebrate this year?  What do you still need to do in 2014 in order to start 2015 off fresh and full of possibility?

Use this month to go big.  Clear stuff out.  This is an exercise in “cleaning house,” and I don’t mean your toilets (but by all means have at ‘em if it would free you up!).  I mean do what you need to do to truly walk into the next year with a wide open playing field, where you can make things happen without carrying over too much crap from last year.

This week we’re talking about “cleaning house.”  Check it out and tell us in the comments below what you still plan to get done in 2014.  Remember, when you share it with people, it’s more likely you’ll actually get it done!

Clear up your physical space (yes, that desktop you can’t see, the closet full of clothes you don’t feel hot in, etc.)  I’m not saying keep a spotless house.  I certainly don’t!  I’m suggesting you make more space for yourself to thrive by getting rid of some actual clutter.  Trust me, it’s liberating.  And, others will benefit from what you give away (especially this time of year!)

Clear up your mind space too.   What did you commit to and haven’t completed?  Are you still committed to it?  If so, what can you do to accomplish it in the next 4 weeks?  What things are you still saying to yourself that are unkind, disempowering, or downright mean?Clear it out.  Choose other things to say to yourself that are aligned with who you want to be and what you want to create.  

Once you’ve done this, and really gone after it with all you’ve got, then forgive yourself what didn’t get done.  Let it go.  That self-blame or guilt about unmet resolutions won’t help you either.  It will only suck your energy further.

Make it fun.  I like to go at it like a game.  Maybe it’s the leftover athlete in me, but I think everyone, in their heart of hearts, likes to win.  So go for it!  How many boxes of stuff can you give to a local charity?  How many old papers can you send to the shredder?  How many feel good mantras can you put around your home?  How many people can you call whom you’ve “been meaning to get back to?”  How many new clients can you get?  Reward yourself when you’ve really gotten some physical and energetic space back in your life (I like to get a massage myself or have a night out with friends).

Start 2015 full of vitality and excited for what is possible for you in your life and career.  I promise you, you will feel way more powerful and energized than simply thinking about some resolutions (piled on top of last year’s and the year before.)

As always, thank you for inviting me into your inbox each week. You are badass and brilliant. You are change agents.  The world needs you.

Game on!



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