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Conversations with Courage Workshop


Conversations with Courage: Oh sh*t, I’m doing this…


It has been a year.


2020 has not let up. We don’t know what 2021 will hold, but we DO know that we need courage and connection as we move forward.


I’m so clear that the time is ripe for women to support each other in having the hard conversations, in moving toward the courageous action needed to impact what matters to us most.


This courage and connection are needed now more than ever, as the holidays approach during a global pandemic, and lots of BIG feelings are arising.


Maybe you’re not really “ready” to have the hard conversation? Or don’t know how?

Or your fear and hesitation drain your energy – because you’re holding back?

Are you psyched to meet other amazing women who have your back, and are finding their inner disruptor alongside you?

Are you sad, or even a bit ashamed, that you’re not fully “walking-your-talk” about what you say is important to you?


Most of us would say “yes” to several of these questions on any given day.

We need each other.

And I want us to come together.


The Conversations with Courage Workshop: Oh, sh*t… I’m doing this.


This workshop focuses on the essential components of “Courage and Connection” from my Impact & Legacy Program.  

  • Awkward conversations about Covid practices – “Oh, sorry, but can your kiddo put their mask on?”
  • Emotional convos about politics – “Wait, your father-in-law voted for him?! I’m not sure I can manage the holidays with him.”
  • Impassioned talks about privilege and racism – “Yeah, of course black lives matter and racism is still a thing. And we all play a part in it.”
  • Vulnerable requests for personal wellbeing – “Yeah, I’m struggling. Could you keep my kid at your place this afternoon?”


What’s the conversation that you’re avoiding?

*really, answer this for yourself.

Why do you do this?  

Why do you avoid talking about things that are hard?  

And most importantly, what’s it costing you to hold back or stay quiet?


The why is where you often get stuck spinning in your head, exploring your “reasons,” or justifying your resistance. 


And while it can be helpful to learn about the inner conversations that hold you back from being bold, or the societal norms to avoid conflict (particularly in a white patriarchy), and your own family’s teaching on how to be or not to be… those reasons don’t matter as much as much as what you’re missing out on.


What is it costing you to avoid the hard conversations in your life?

  • Peace of mind because you’re constantly in your head about what you should or shouldn’t say, instead of being clear and present with those in your life.
  • Tens of thousands of dollars that aren’t in your bank account because you haven’t asked for the promotion, negotiated your rates, or told people about your work.
  • Honest, loving, heartfelt relationships because you don’t share what’s really going on for you, or when your feelings are hurt, or what actually makes you happy.
  • The joy and satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution to a cause you’re passionate about because you don’t know how to tell people why this thing is so important to you.
  • The promotion or new opportunity, because you don’t know how to ask for it or to share your ideas and values with others.


This two-part workshop that will give you tools, practice, and support to have the hard conversations about what matters to you.

In the workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to stay in an important conversation, even when it’s super challenging.
  • How to ask for something that you want/need, even if you feel vulnerable or embarrassed
  • How to have inner conversation that sets you up for success in the courageous conversation
  • How to disagree agreeably with people, so you don’t destroy relationships
  • How to be crystal clear about what is, and is not okay, with you when establishing boundaries with people in your life (or your Facebook world)
  • How to find that inner-disruptor and the courage to make her come out!


So… here we go. If your stomach is twisting a bit, of course!  You don’t require courage if you don’t have some fear 🙂

  • We’ll meet on Zoom (my virtual living room) from 4:00-6:00 MT on Wednesday, December 2nd and the following Wednesday, December 9th.
  • I’ll walk us through how to have conversations with courage.
  • You’ll get action sheets to help you put tools into motion…
  • You’ll get to connect with, cheerlead, and support other amazing women-identifying folks in a Facebook group the two weeks around the workshop →  Questions asked and answered.  Victories and challenges shared and heard.
  • The workshop is $297
  • The Workshop & “I need some more help!” is $397. It has the add-on of a 30 minute, 1:1 laser  coaching with me to actually practice a hard conversation or go deeper into what’s holding you back (to be held the week of December 14th)


Let’s make the time to come together, to be supported, to have the challenging conversations.  They’re so needed in these wild times.

You’ll leave this workshop more courageous and confident in your ability to speak up.  And you’ll be inspired by the crew of women who are also stepping into these hard conversations with you.

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Conversations with Courage Workshop

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