Do new running shoes make me feel sexier or lazier? - Sage B. Hobbs

I recently bought a new pair of running shoes… for the first time in 7 years.  A while back I decided that I hate running, and that I’m “grown-up” enough now to not do things I hate.  So, I stopped trying to like running.

But, on the eve of our four week road trip, I decided I needed a way to get some fitness in wherever we are, and with only little windows of time to make it happen.  My husband loves running, so with his encouragement I went out in the pouring rain to buy some new shoes.


I went fancy, trying things out on the treadmill, low drop blah-de-blah (this is Boulder after all), and walked out feeling pretty pumped about my purchase.

I was going to get in better shape!  Get my sweat on.  These modern shoes were going to make me swift like a gazelle and my dad’s (and 91 year old grandpa) amazing marathoner genes would finally kick in.  I’d feel sexy and strong.  I was psyching myself up.

As it turns out, new shoes do not a runner make.  Rude awakening when I laced up for the first time.  It was like my body literally rebelled and that sexy, strong feeling was a tragic joke.  I felt like a slug.

And yet, while huffing and puffing along, I had some time to think more about this whole sexy thing I’ve been exploring… and about persistence (I’ve gone on 6 runs, which is 6 times as much as the previous 6 years)… about strength and confidence…and I’ve had needed time to myself (even if it sometimes it felt like torture).

My conclusion, sexy is a state of mind.  And anyone can feel it.

Running shoes or not, body rebellion and self-doubt aside, we decide how we feel about ourselves.  And it matters.

For my mom peeps out there (though all may enjoy), watch this short video for my thoughts on “What is sexy? And why does it matter?”

I’ve been talking to lots of women (and some men!) and have learned that feeling sexy is something we long for.  And, through some of my own discomfort, I decided to try out video again (with a lot less pressure and having more fun!)

If even thinking about sexiness makes you blush, or you’re nodding your head wildly because you’d love to feel sexier, then check it out.  After you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you…

“What does sexy mean to YOU?”

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



Philosophical aside: do running shoes make you feel lazier...or sexier? Sexy is a state of MIND. Click To Tweet