EP2: Overcoming Fear, Building Community, and Being YOU with Tepsii - Sage B. Hobbs
EP2: Overcoming Fear, Building Community, and Being YOU with Tepsii

Tepsii is a successful online entrepreneur, with a gift for building community and writing compelling copy, while raising three kids in South Africa. I loved this conversation so much!  Tepsii’s so full of life — She shares her stories, of both struggles and success, so openly in this episode.  We get into how she found motivation to finish college as a single mom, navigating cultural challenges, finding your own sense of home, hard earned courage, slaying fear, and so much more.  Talking with Tepsii is like hanging out with your new BFF who has tons of wisdom and loads of humanity to share.  You’re going to love this convo and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

About Our Guest:
Tepsii is an unlikely entrepreneur. She started her multiple 6-figure coaching, mindset and copywriting business with:

  • an infant on the boob,
  • a poopy 2 year old underfoot, and a 9 year old doing homework at the kitchen table!

Tepsii has been featured in magazines and numerous podcasts including:

  • O, The Oprah Magazine magazine
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • Open Your Gifts – as a co-author with Celebrity Author, Actress, and Comedian, Kim Coles
  • The Internet Business Mastery Podcast, and
  • Womandla! on Cliff Central (pronounced wo-man-dl-uh)

Since launching Tepsii.com she has worked with hundreds of clients and students to help them establish premium brands and execute 5 and 6-figure program and product launches.

Tepsii is the creator of The Write to Profit™, a digital copywriting course, for online entrepreneurs, as well as a business incubator for creatives known as Tepsii’s Online Business School,

In her Online Businesss School, she’s helped students double and triple their rates, enjoy their first 4 and 5-figure months, and completely overhaul their mindset to attract financial and spiritual abundance.

You can find Tepsii sharing daily business, branding, and copywriting advice with thousands of fans on social media (Periscope.tv/tepsii, her Facebook community, that you can join at CopyBesties.com, on Instagram at www.instagram.com/tepsiit, and on her business page www.facebook.com/tepsiit)


5-Simple Steps to a Flawless Sales Page

Tepsii has written sales pages that convert anywhere from 40k to 800k and now she’s peeling back the curtain to show you how to:


  • Persuade and close sales the way Tepsii does for her 100k+ sales page clients.
  • Create a Power Intro that positions you as the expert and shows your dream clients that you’re THE ONLY person to work with even if you’re brand new to online business.
  • Employ psychological techniques that allow you to bust into the heart, mind, and wallet of your ideal client and get them to feel the urgency of buying NOW.

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What we cover in this conversation:
  • Breaking free from our old conditioning to step into our sense of self
  • Feeling like an outsider
  • Moving her family back to South Africa
  • Building self-confidence through parental loss, abusive relationship, and more
  • Busting through FEAR and excuses
  • How to build loving and supportive community  
  • Building a successful business that supports her family
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