EP3: YOU have guides and angels (even if you're a psychic virgin) with Shannon Walbran - Sage B. Hobbs
EP3: YOU have guides and angels (even if you’re a psychic virgin) with Shannon Walbran
Wow, this conversation was SO fascinating and fun.  Shannon Walbran is South Africa’s top psychic, who shares her story from being raised Catholic in Minneapolis to finding her psychic path in the Sinai Desert of Egypt.  

She’s lovely, relatable, super knowledgable, and hears messages from spirits and guides.  We talk about how ALL of us are guided by spirit, how she worked all over the world, shyed away from her gifts, and how her family responded to her proclamation of being a psychic.

A frequent guest on South Africa’s radio programs, Shannon devotes her life to helping bright, successful people listen to their guides and angels.  Listen in for deep and honest discussion on what it means to be psychic and why we should listen to our own spiritual council.  I learned a ton, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  Let me know over in our group.

About Our Guest:
Spirit Guide interpreter Shannon Walbran brings messages from Spirit Guides to people around the world.

Shannon was born in 1969 in the United States and grew up in Minneapolis. After graduating from the University of Dallas with a degree in English and foreign languages, she lived and worked in Slovakia, Bolivia and Brazil, and is now based in both Johannesburg, South Africa, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Thanks to her careers in journalism, documentary filmmaking, and the non-profit sector, she has traveled to 48 countries around the world.

Sensitive and spiritual since childhood, Shannon started to receive specific messages from Spirit Guides to help other people in 2003. She now shares these messages with people all over the world via individual readings, live events, radio and TV.

Her book “Guided!” is a spiritual autobiography plus help to connect you with your own Spirit Guides. It is available via Audible for free if it’s your first Audible purchase!

She is fully committed to spreading the work The Guides have brought her. She helps others contact their own Guides and find their vocations. Her mission is to help all people attain health, happiness, and enlightenment.

Want to get clearer answers? Define your questions! Download Shannon’s free eBook, “100 Questions for your Angels,” from her site www.ShannonWalbran.com.

Get in Touch

Facebook www.facebook.com/shannonwalbran

Twitter @shannonwalbran

Instgram @shannonwalbran

What we cover in this conversation:
  • Breaking down the “woo woo:” Mediums vs. Psychics
  • Learning to hear your own divine messages NOW
  • The interplay of religion, theology, and spirituality
  • Are YOU a psychic?
  • Lessons from traveling to 48 countries and being a language translator
  • What the heck are your guides and angels?
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