EP5: Yoga, social justice, and taking risks with Erica Barth - Sage B. Hobbs
EP5: Yoga, social justice, and taking risks with Erica Barth
Erica is super bright, knowledgeable, and passionate about social justice, yogic activism building a business for good. She has the unique combination of being both ambitious and soulful, New Yorker meets woo woo.  This episode will light you up about how YOU can make changes, face challenges, and be more intentional about how you live your life.  

We cover SO many relevant and powerful topics in today’s show.  From taking risks (even if you’re risk averse), racism, microaggression, gentrification, building community, and switching paths from the corporate world to yoga studio owner.

I first met Erica as a college freshman — both of us pretty clueless about what to wear, what to study, and what to do with our lives.  Her friendship saved me (many times over in the last two decades). We’ve “grown up” together, though we’ll always be searching and striving to be better and do more.  Enjoy this convo and let me know what you thought over in our FB community.

About Our Guest:
Erica Barth is a Facilitator of Connection, Collaboration, and Change. She is the owner of Harlem Yoga Studio, an award-winning studio in New York City that is known for its strong Cultivation of Community, Diverse and welcoming atmosphere, and commitment to Social Justice Issues. In her work with clients both on and off the mat, she cultivates a body and mind connection, and works to help students discover the inherent wisdom of their inner experience in order to feel calm, strong and centered.

Having viewed the world with a systemic lens for many years following her studies and consulting work in Organizational Change, Erica sees the internal connection between body and mind as a mirror and magnifier of our connection to one another. She incorporates her understanding of yoga and her background in group dynamics and social organizational theory to help groups and teams work together and engage more effectively.

What we cover in this conversation:
  • Embodied awareness (huh?) vs. athleticism
  • Her vision that yoga is for everybody
  • Racial dynamics, microaggressions, and her path to personal awareness
  • Microaggression
  • Building a business aligned with your values, and sticking to it
  • Being risk averse and taking “safe” risks
  • Changing paths from corporate america to conscious entrepreneur
  • Social justice and activism in the yoga world
  • How you can help, even when it feels overwhelming
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