EP8: 3 Ways to Find Yourself - Sage B. Hobbs
EP8: 3 Ways to Find Yourself
This show stems from many conversations with bright, passionate, and accomplished women who feel a bit lost or disconnected. Whether they’re moms, wives/partners, executives, teachers, entrepreneurs, or some combination of many roles… I keep hearing from women who want to feel more connected with themselves, more lit up, and more grounded in who they are.

While it’s impossible to re-find your identity in this quick conversation, it will certainly help get you started. And sometimes that’s all it takes, getting started. Once the ball is rolling, you might be amazed by what’s possible

If you used to love to dance, run, paint, read. If you wanted to change the world, run a business, travel. If you used to have opinions and ideas to share. It’s not too late. You’re still in there, and it will feel so damn good to draw it out.

What I cover in this show:
  • Exploring your loss of identity
  • 3 ways to start reconnecting with who you are
  • What are you making time for? (And what always gets left behind?)
  • The excitement of doing things you love again
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