EP12: 5 Ways to Really Practice Gratitude - Sage B. Hobbs
EP12: 5 Ways to Really Practice Gratitude
I’ve worked with many women who struggle to really appreciate their daily lives, even though they know they “should.”  I’ve felt that way at times myself.

It’s frustrating and exhausting to feel like you’re not actually enjoying your life as it’s happening, or to feel like you’re stuck in your head about what isn’t working or isn’t where you want it to be.

On today’s show I’m talking about how I do gratitude in my life, and how it makes a huge difference in my happiness.

I give my 5 do/don’ts of gratitude… The ways that I use a gratitude practice (and it really does take practice) to make me a happier, more grounded, more self-aware person (even when things are shitty or hard).

I answer some questions from women in our community about how to give thanks without it feeling forced or contrived, or how to possibly feel grateful when life feels hard.

As Thanksgiving approaches here in the US, let’s explore real gratitude and how it can make serve you better.

(and P.S. I’m grateful for YOU.  Thank you for listening to Naked Conversations.  For finding your voice.  For loving your people better.  For being in this conversation.  Thank you.)

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