EP30: Will it ever be enough? - Sage B. Hobbs
EP30: Will it ever be enough?
This episode is personal.  I recorded it when I was really sitting with some questions around “enough-ness” in my life, and in the lives of the women I support.  It feels like our culture in the West is to keep driving and striving. A more, more, more undercurrent that sometimes propels me forward in positive ways, and sometimes messes with my sense of joy and satisfaction.

I talk about several questions that haunt me.
A mantra I use to regain my sense of grounding and gratitude.
The issue of privilege and access to opportunity.
The grain of sand in my oyster shell.

And other thoughts on my own journey to uncover how I can live a fully self-expressed, satisfying, and fulfilling live by my own definition…and how you can too.

I hope you enjoy it and pass it along to others on this “naked” exploration.

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