EP 31: What Does It Mean to Be an Ambitious Woman? - Sage B. Hobbs
EP 31: What Does It Mean to Be an Ambitious Woman?
I met Queirra in Vegas, but it’s not as shady as that may sound… Queirra and I met at a public speaking training for women leaders.  I think we were meant to meet, because we were the two winners of an online speaking contest (and I never join contests!) to attend this event with one of my mentor-friends (and a former podcast guest), Alexia Vernon.

I was immediately drawn to Queirra’s intelligence, poise, big-heartedness, and humor.  She’s very real and honest, and deeply in service of women really using their ambition to create thriving lives and careers they love.  When I started the Naked Conversations podcast, I knew I wanted to have Queirra on to share her story and wisdom.

In today’s convo, we talk about:
  • What is ambition? And how’s it different for women
  • Being a “triple minority: young, Black, and female”
  • How, and why, we must take off our “superwoman capes”
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Intuition, spirituality, and ambition
More about Queirra:
Queirra is a Professional Speaker and Certified Coach who helps successful leaders reinvent their relationship to their ambition. She has inspired business and professional women’s audiences with her dynamic keynotes, TED-style talks and interactive workshops to embrace a new style of ambition and step into their mogul mindset.

Before becoming a coach, Queirra led teams as a Marketing Director for more than ten years. She secretly geeks out on (okay, maybe not so secretly) productivity, personal branding and high performance. She holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a B.S. in Marketing from George Mason University.

Connect with Queirra:
Resources mentioned:
What I Learned as a Triple Minority in the Workplace by Queirra Fenderson
EP 19: Step into Your Moxie with Alexia Vernon
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