EP34: Be a Better Communicator - Sage B. Hobbs
EP34: Be a Better Communicator
Talking to people is truly one of my favorite ways to spend my time.  My friends, kids, clients, total strangers, I’ll talk with anyone. Since I was a young, the only thing that has ever held my attention for long is people… how they think, their interests, talents, potential, and motivations.

I’ve found that the quality of our relationships directly impacts both our personal fulfillment, and our professional success.

And yet, our relationships can also be super challenging. They can bring disappointment and stress.  Think about how you can be set off by your mother.  Or find yourself silenced with your boss. Or long for more intimacy with your partner.

In today’s show I’m walking you through how to be a better communicator, so you can really:

Ask for what you want authentically and effectively.
Feel more confident in your voice.
Be more connected to all the people in your life.

I go over the 4 key steps to making requests, so you can feel more ease and freedom in you you communicate.  I give you examples and stories to guide you along the way.

Everything I talk about is covered in more depth in the guide that you can get for free at www.sagebhobbs.com.  

And, of course, my book Naked Communication has even more support for how to really deepen your mastery in all areas of your relationships.  You can get that here.

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