EP 37: How I Wrote A Book, Why I Wrote It, and What I Learned - Sage B. Hobbs
EP 37: How I Wrote A Book, Why I Wrote It, and What I Learned
Summer has always been a special time for me… and as many of you know, my family and I are fulfilling a dream this summer to travel together outside the country. So, more days than not, I’ll show you something of our life in London, Catalunia, and France… as well as what it’s like to travel with kids, juggle working from afar.

This season of the podcast will be a series of solo shows all about relationships, communication, and things that inspire me to learn and grow in my own naked journey. This is going to be exciting!

In today’s show I’m walking you through the how, why, and what I learned about writing Naked Communication: Courageously Create the Relationships You Really Want.

How I wrote this book. We talk about the things that I had to do to be able to finish writing the book in only around 4 months. I share the actual steps I took, both inner and outer work, when I came up against my own stuff.

Then comes the WHY. The heart of writing the book was wanting more people than I could ever coach personally to have a super affordable way to learn how to know themselves better, love themselves more, and create incredible relationships.

I strongly believe that you are capable of…

  • Asking for what you really want
  • Finding courage to be your true self
  • Finding ways to solve conflicts confidently
  • Keeping your fears of being judged for asking too much
  • Having true connections – the quality of our relationships impact our lives in  profound ways personally and professionally
  • Being able to stop doubting yourself, your desires, and your worth

What did I learn from writing the book?

  • I have doubt like everyone else about being good enough, still!
  • Perfectionism is a habit that dies hard
  • I love to create!
  • I create things and then move on to something else

Which pieces of those things you can take with you? Just be honest about it with yourself. Where could you go deeper? Where could you be more you? Where could you be more naked?

If you want to deepen your mastery in all areas of your relationships,  you can get my book Naked Communication here.

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