EP40: Your Communication M.O. - Sage B. Hobbs
EP40: Your Communication M.O.
Episode 40! Whoo! I am really pumped that the podcast has gotten this far, and I’m just going to celebrate that for a minute! And I encourage you too, to celebrate where you’re making progress, where you’re growing.

What you’ll hear today is something I’ve never done on the show before. I’m going to actually read a chapter from Naked Communication: Courageously Create the Relationships You Really Want, the book that I released in October of 2016. After reading the chapter, I’m going to tell you a few more stories about what I thought regarding this topic since writing the book almost two years ago.

We’ll touch on a lot of points in this very short chapter, but at the heart of it is that  “The happiness and fulfillment you seek does not exist in a vacuum. It lives in relationship with others.” I still believe in that today as much as I did two years ago. Our relationships really are the life force behind our experience of being alive.

How we communicate matters and only you have control over how you express yourself in all areas of your life.

Key Points from Chapter 2 of Naked Communication:
  • We have to understand ourselves best if we expect anybody else to understand us and relate to us the way we want to be related.
  • It’s important to really get clear on how you’re currently communicating and know that you can tweak, adjust, or transform completely how you communicate in your life.
  • You have to consider the myriad ways that you already communicate, not just in conflicts – though that’s a key area, but in expressing love, offering your ideas and making requests.
  • The clearer you are about your own communication, the better you’ll be at building awesome relationships.
  • Knowing yourself leads to growth and balance.
  • All day every day you are communicating.
  • Communication from others are just words, not truths. You can choose to adopt them when they serve and inspire you or let them go when they’re bullshit and keep you disconnected.
  • How you communicate directly impacts how you show up in the world around you.
  • Relationships are the foundation of everything in our lives.
  • You need to know how you use your voice and your natural communication style so that you can use it effectively. To wield it for good, wield it for change, and wield it for connection.
You want to be a more powerful and effective communicator. Somebody who builds bridges instead of walls, brings people closer together, who understands different worldviews, different perspectives, different experiences, who understands how to nurture, who understands how to empower or champion or advocate.

You can go deeper with this by reading the book or by listening to more episodes of the podcast.

Thanks for listening! Share with the people in your life if this landed for you!

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