EP46: Music and Mormonism with Angela Soffe - Sage B. Hobbs
EP46: Music and Mormonism with Angela Soffe
I met Angela through the longest hug I’ve ever shared with a stranger (more on that on the show)… standing by a river, in the mountains, under a tent, listening to Blaine Bartlett speak about compassionate capitalism. If it sounds kind of out there, it was. It was also amazing and I felt an immediate connection to Angela and her work on the planet.

I later heard her briefly share her story before performing her music, and I was hooked. Her voice was so deep and real.  Her storytelling honest and vulnerable. And her story itself – of the agonizing soul searching and leaving her Mormon upbringing – was incredibly compelling.

I know you’ll find her wisdom, courage, and music as profound and haunting as I do.

In this convo we get into:
  • How being raised in an observant Mormon family in the Philippines impacted her life
  • The “moment of reckoning” when she began to consider that all she believed may not be true
  • The darkness and despair of leaving family and faith – and how she moved through it
  • Music as an outlet for healing and self-discovery in her life
  • Her marriage, and how it nearly collapsed with her belief system
  • Exploring spirituality, faith, and friendship outside of religion
  • Sobbing and Songwriting
More about Angela:
Angela Soffe is an Americana singer, songwriter, and musician. She is the lead singer and songwriter of the award-winning Angela Soffe Band based in the Pacific Northwest. Her latest album, ‘Second Wind’ is the result of a darkness-into-light narrative, and marks a brave return to music. Raised by American parents in Southeast Asia, the artist weaves a glowing musical tapestry inspired by the flavors of her past. The weighty topics of her new album are exquisitely offset by soothing musicality, an amalgam of folk, pop, and bluegrass with touches of new age and classical music. Throughout the album, Angela’s voice exudes a sweet emotional grace at the intersection of defiance, wonderment, longing, and vulnerability. Highlights on this soulful journey of an album include “Rocks,” “Freedom,” and “Second Wind.”


www.angelasoffe.com    (You can get a free download of the song “ROCKS.” When you enter your email address, you’ll be sent a free download code)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelasoffeband
Instagram: www.instagram.com/angelasoffeband

Resources and Music:
Brene Brown’s work on shame and vulnerability (her TED talk and books are incredible)
Music video for Rocks (one of my FAVORITES from her album — “So judge me, cast me your stones. I will lay them back at your feet. We like to throw rocks at the people who don’t see the world in the way we do. I don’t why we all stand in a circle and point a finger or two…”)
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