EP52: How’s it going? How I pause, reflect, and create the new year - Sage B. Hobbs

EP52: How’s it going? How I pause, reflect, and create the new year


We’re really not given much permission to slow down and think about how our life is actually going. We’re taught to keep going, doing, being busy.  It’s almost a badge of honor to be overwhelmed – it means you have a full life.

But the new year can be a chance to pause.  Just for a moment. Catch our breath. Look at our life and our choices.

In this show we're talking about:

  • 5 ways to manage the stress and overwhelm of this season (or any transitional and stressful time)
  • The 4 ways I approach the new year (and why I don’t care if you do it my way, but what I DO care about)

Thank you thank you for listening to the show.  It is such an honor and joy to have these conversations with you.  I love it (even though I’m “talking to myself,” it is SO fun and gives me hope for the world.”

Happiest of new years to each of you. Xo, Sage

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