Ever have a life-changing experience? Surprising inspiration.

This weekend I had my world rocked in Dallas, Texas.  And, no, there wasn’t a cowboy involved.

Instead, it was a room full of nearly 200 women entrepreneurs, gathered together for inspiration, connection, and learning.  A room full of women who are transforming the face of business.  A room full of hope and possibility (may sound extreme, but I’m for reals.)

Have you ever had an experience that truly changed your life, that you didn’t fully expect?  Of course, we know life and death experiences are life-changing, but not usually a “business conference.”


Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, today’s blog is about finding inspiration again, or taking it to the next level.  

Here’s how it went down:

I leave my two little kids and husband and hop a plane to Dallas.  A plane ride alone feels like a strange luxury at this point, and I start settling into my seat and the adventure ahead.

A weekend of firsts: First time to Texas (crazy, right?!). First time at an entrepreneur convention (I’m used to education meetings!).  First time in an Uber (I know, where have I been?!)

Three days and nights in a hotel alone with a huge king sized bed.  I’m thinking I’m going to rejuvenate and sleep gorgeously.  Not so much.

Instead, I arrive at the hotel at 9:00 at night and make my way to the lounge to meet a whole bunch of strangers.  Ever have that awkward moment where you know no one, and you enter a room full of people who seem to be the best of friends?

Well, game face on, and determined to get the most out of the weekend, I walked up to first group of strangers, some of whom I pseudo recognized from the FB group for the event, and said hello.  Phew, they greeted me wholeheartedly and the adventure had begun.

I truly can’t describe the buzzing energy of nearly 200 women gathered together with a desire to have thriving businesses with solid values, tons of integrity, and passion galore.  It was electric.  It was palpable.

The speakers were total badasses.  They unapologetically shared how their businesses had become wildly lucrative and how they maintained their sense of womanhood and passion even in business.   Life and business don’t have to be constricted to old-school rules.  We can decide how we invent them.  YES!

So, I talked until my throat hurt.  I shared my story with “strangers,” who became friends. I hung out with powerhouses from Iceland, England, Canada, and across the US.   There was food, wine, laughter, and thousands of ideas bouncing around like wild.

An intuitive psychic presenter, who was straight-up and light on the ‘woowoo,’ facilitated an exercise that had my dad (whom died nearly 4 years ago) literally talk to me.   Freaky, but amazing.

A speaker started her presentation doing some beautiful, yoga-dance demo that had us all longing to move like her in our own bodies, and then she went on to drop mad business wisdom and know-how.

My quiet hotel room that was to be my sanctuary for a few days became just a place to quickly refuel.  I had FOMO (fear of missing out) and didn’t want to lose the chance to meet the next amazing woman.

And then… I found myself at the microphone in front of this huge room of badasses, telling them that, in addition to helping women regain their clarity and take inspired action, I’m now going to be working with “moms who want to get their sexy back.”  The crowd cheered, and several women asked to talk to me, “the sexy mom,” at lunch.

OMG. I was thrilled and mortified.  What had I stepped into?  I had just opened a new door to coaching moms on feeling hot again.  I had just allowed the inspiration of the group to seep in and push me towards my own next level of business.

As I’ve said before, excitement and fear are often two sides to the same coin. I’m choosing to hold on to the excitement as long as possible… to ride the wave of inspiration that was created this weekend… to stay connected to the people I met who are living bold and passionate lives… and to stay connected to the part of myself that was beautifully inspired in Dallas, Texas.  #nocowboyneeded 🙂

In short:

Community and connection with others fuel inspiration…

And inspiration fuels our passions and talents…

And our passions and talents inspire our communities…

And inspired communities can change the world.

You are badass + brilliant.  The world needs you.  Let’s do this.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear…

“What is one inspirational experience you’ve had that changed your life?”

I love and appreciate being in your inbox each week, truly.  If you like it too, please share it with your friends.

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



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