Fear and excitement are two sides of the same, juicy coin. - Sage B. Hobbs

I’m getting real with you all today.  But first, thank you so much to those of you who are original VIP members of the Badass + Brilliant community and welcome to those who are kicking it with us for the first time.  Woopwoop!

I’ve been thinking about how investing in yourself and your life can feel like a big deal. How fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin.  Like the top of a roller coaster… You kind of want to throw up AND you can’t wait for the thrill ahead.

It feels SO great to create something you’re proud of… writing a book, building a business, sustaining an amazing marriage, raising wonderful children, etc.  So, when is it worth taking risks? How can you experience fear as excitement, so that you can move forward and create the change you’re seeking?  

Quick back story: most of you know that I left my secure job as a school counselor to launch my own business.  It was a pretty sweet job.  I got to help kids and families in crisis. I got to help students learn and grow.  I got to collaborate with smart, compassionate teachers.  And, of course, three months off and a pension plan.  People thought I was nuts to leave.

BUT, it just wasn’t “it.”  It wasn’t my forever thing.  I wanted to be more creative.  To have more flexibility and freedom in my life.  More ability to be my fast-talking, fast-thinking, fast-doing, slightly wild self.

It’s scary to take a big leap.  I’ve had to hustle to make new connections and bring in business.  I’ve had to stretch my brain and learn a million new things.  I’ve had to invest money in my business before I really had it to invest (that’s the getting real with y’all part).

I’m know many of you are looking to bring your creativity, purpose, and passion into the world more fully.  To invest in yourself and your life.  AND, you want it to support your lifestyle (as moms, partners, adventurers, etc.)

Here is what has helped me invest in myself.  To take a risk so that I can make the difference I want to make in the world AND have the lifestyle I desire.

These three things can help you get your brilliance out in the world too.  And, trust me, the world needs what you have to offer.

Turn fear into excitement.  I do this over and over again, and it isn’t easy.  Public speaking.  Pitching an article to a magazine.  Meeting a successful business owner for coffee.  ALL are new and scary… until I feel the pulsing energy in my body and rename it excitement.  Excitement for making a new connection, for making a difference in people’s lives, for getting my passion out into the world.

Be pulled by possibility.  Instead of just going through the motions of your “to-do” list, think about the why.  For example, meal planning creates the possibility of peaceful, healthy, and fun evenings so your family can connect.  Or, in my business, I blog and coach (an bookkeep and network) because I believe that the world would transform, literally, if all women could speak up and share their brilliance.  

Live like you’re going to die.  Death can be a morbid subject, yet it’s a universal truth. Having stared down death at an early age, I find this simple fact to be a motivator for change.  I don’t want to die for a long, long time.  BUT, I want to live knowing my time is finite.  I want it to count.  Good enough isn’t good enough, not when it comes to life (fine for folding laundry or making dinner!)

In the comments below, tell us what would be possible for you and your life if you took a risk and turned fear into excitement.   Your ideas will inspire us, I guarantee, so share!

Lastly, if these tips and musings inspire you, please share them with your friends!  Buttons down below for easy sharing 🙂 AND, if you have a creative idea you’re dying to make happen or you’re itching for a career shift, check out my power sessions and coaching packages.  I’d love to see your brilliance out in the world.

Keep being Badass + Brilliant.  You are change agents.  

Let’s do this,



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