How I aim to live life without regret and why you should too

I was sitting in a hospital gown awaiting my mammogram.  The annual event that reminds me of my slightly greater risk of breast cancer and triggers my big fear demons.

Naturally, I had to read People magazine, because what better distraction is there when you’re waiting to have a routine breast squishing and suppressing that distant fear of the results?

And Brad and Angelina were on the cover, tied to an article about how they’re aging together and loving it.  I wanted to know.

As I’m scanning the article, one phrase lept off the page at me.  Literally, I re-read it so I could be sure to remember it.

It was about Angelina’s mother dying young and pieces of her life left unfulfilled.  

“An unfulfilled life.”  That’s one of my biggest fears.  

It’s a driving force behind “Badass + Brilliant Living™”  It’s the reason I’m obsessed with building my business to impact as many women as possible in my lifetime… so they live powerfully fulfilled and meaningful lives. Not limited by fear or stress.

I was later driving home from my appointment, contemplating 15 years of cancer remission, feeling grateful that I have access to such thorough medical care, and berating myself about how I can make my life even more meaningful and awesome (I was being a bit harsh with myself.  I’d recommend using a lot more compassion.)  

Almost magically, if you’re feeling woo-woo, it was like those musings led me directly to a podcast interview with Jen Groover saying “I decided I was more afraid of having regret than I was afraid of failure.”  (Note: Jen is wildly successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and mom who used this mantra to catapult herself to success.)

BAM!  A new revelation about where I’m playing it safe, letting fear get the better of me, and hiding out.  I don’t want a life with regrets.  No thank you.

When my dad was approaching his death, he calmly said to me “I’m not scared to die.  I wish it weren’t so soon, but I’ve lived an amazing life.  I don’t have regrets.”  I listened to this through my own hysterical sobbing, but after he died this conversation brought me so much comfort.  I want to be able to say the same thing in my final days.

The reminders are all around us if we’re paying attention.  Perhaps the fact that you opened up this email is the reminder you were needing today.

Life is temporary.  That’s a fact.

In the comments below, I’d love to know,

“What is one thing that you can do today, just one thing, that brings you a sense of fulfillment, meaning, and joy?”

And then, think even bigger.  What are the things you know you’d really be doing if fear of regret was bigger than fear of failure?  What risks would you take?   What job or business would you have?

Badass + Brilliant Living™ is to live your life by boldly sharing your strengths and talents with the world.  Ultimately, it’s knowing that you’re creating a life that brings you fulfillment and leaves the legacy you desire.  Without regret.  With loads of fun.  

What can you do to give a boost to your own fulfillment?  To unleash your inner badass?


  • Fear exists.  Especially when we want to try new things or go bigger.  Greet it with compassion and then give it the finger and take action toward your bigger vision.
  • Life is temporary.  This still scares the sh*t out of me, but aim to use it as a reminder to express your love today (not later), to take action in building your dream today (not someday), and to have some fun today (not just over weekend).


With loads of love and championing Badass + Brilliant Living™