How to deal with transitions: excitement AND anxiety - Sage B. Hobbs

August is a huge month for my business, my family, and me personally. It’s a transition point that brings up lots of excitement and other heightened emotions.

My kids return to school (4th and 8th grade!).

My husband returns to teaching (and his own doctoral degree studies!).

It’s my birthday month, and this Leo LOVES summer’s heat, long days, and slower pace.

And, my company’s school-based clients relaunch at full throttle, as principals and district leadership teams kick off new academic years.

I’m reminded, yet again, of how excitement and anxiety don’t feel that different from one another, and often coincide. 

All of us go through transitions in our lives.  Whether it’s back-to-school, back-to-work, end of summer, end of Q3, moving into a new role, or any other shift – it can be a mixed bag of feelings.

Earlier this month, I worked with 50 school principals and 12 senior leaders to kick off my leadership program.  

Some of our key themes over the course of the program are to:

  • Strengthen teamwork and foster collaboration
  • Learn and practice common language that builds: Innovative thinking, problem solving, successful (school) cultures & (student) success
  • Support your wellbeing and increase sustainability for the demands of your role

I realized that ALL of us can benefit from working on these core tenets, especially through transitions, and regardless of our roles.

  • How can you ask for support? Strengthen the teams you’re a part of?
  • How are you communicating with folks in your life?  Could you be more clear and aligned?
  • What are you doing to take care of yourself?  How will you maintain your stamina and wellness?

With love, courage, and connection,