How to party like it's Spring Break

For most of my life I’ve been a student or an educator, and have had the joy of Spring Break.  Now, as an entrepreneur, my work and life are beautifully, and sometimes messily, intertwined.

However, that means I’m “on” all of the time, unless I consciously put myself on vacation. So, I’ve been exploring how to integrate work and play into my life with more flow and ease.

The idea of work/life balance never made complete sense to me anyway.  Our lives aren’t so easily compartmentalized.  I believe we should ensure that our work and play are balanced enough to support our overall wellbeing.  But they don’t have to be kept in separate boxes.  In fact, it’s almost impossible to do so anyway!  And we beat ourselves up trying.

For more on work/life balance, check this out.

So, let’s look at how we can infuse the Spring Break spirit into our daily work/life integration.

I don’t want to wait for a few vacation weeks a year to have fun.  I want to be playful and happy regularly.  Don’t you?

As promised, here are 10 ways I party like it’s Spring Break throughout my daily life.  They may seem crazy simple to you, which is perfect.  They should be simple enough to naturally fit into your life.

  1. Dance (in the car, in my living room, anytime, anywhere)
  2. Read for pleasure (a juicy novel or Vanity Fair)
  3. Yoga (in a room full of other sweaty, happy people)
  4. Eat (something ridiculously tasty… like bacon wrapped dates)
  5. Hot tea (at night with my husband to unwind)
  6. Hang with a girlfriend (talk and laugh our asses off… for 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on what our lives will allow)
  7. Create something (write, bake, build a fairy house with my 5-year-old)
  8. Have sex (yes, I actually wrote that down!)
  9. Watch a movie (romantic comedies or dramas make me happy)
  10. Get outside (ride my bike, sit in the sun, hike, chase my kids.  Fresh air is good.)

I’ll be honest, some of these I could do more often.  Writing them down for you was a great reminder to bring them into my life more and more.

Be honest with yourself.  How often are you doing things that you love and bring you pleasure? 

I’d love to hear from you.  In the comments below, tell me how you party like it’s Spring Break?  What do YOU do for FUN?

Challenge yourself to be more playful at least once a day this week.  Get your fun on!

There is research to support that laughter helps keep you “young,” as in healthy and full of vitality.  There is also evidence to support that smiling more will actually make you feel happier.

So, let’s re-commit to laughing and smiling more, and see what happens.  It’s a worthy experiment, I believe.  You have BIG things to offer the world, so your vitality is a must.

As always, a huge thank you for being a part of this Badass + Brilliant community all over the world.  And for hanging out with me each week!  If you like what you’re reading, I’d so appreciate if you’d share it with your peeps! 

Keep being Badass + Brilliant.  You are change agents.  The world needs you.

With the spirit of fun,



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