International Women's Day: All the mess and all the wonder - Sage B. Hobbs

On March 8th, I woke up in the morning feeling totally afraid, excited, and grateful all at once.

I was speaking at an International Women’s Day Summit at Google that afternoon. 

As someone who has struggled with anxiety all of my life, I was working hard to avoid spiraling into full blown panic.

But when I hopped out of the shower that morning and looked at my 5 year old daughter and 9 year old son eating their breakfast, I said “Today’s International Women’s Day, where we remember to speak up for women and girls everywhere – so that they can have a voice and access to opportunity- and we celebrate them. And I get to be in a room full of women today, and talk with them about it.”

Then, the freaking out about my outfit or whether I’d screw up the talk felt a little less terrifying…

I told my kids that I was super nervous, but that I was trying to be brave.  My daughter said something like, “Yay! A day for girls!” I didn’t launch into how everyday should be as much a day for girls as for boys, not just one day of the year. Instead I high-fived her and said, “Heck yeah!”

My son, who unfortunately shares some of my inclination for worry, said something like, “How many people will be there? Wow, that is brave, Mom.”

Then I said, “Let’s go, let’s go! Shoes, teeth, lunches!”

Because life is all of the mess and all of the wonder.

To women everywhere, of all backgrounds-  from those who are still fighting to be heard to those with the privilege of more influence – you’re amazing. 

To the men who are reading this, who are championing the voices of the girls and women in their lives, I appreciate you your allyship.

Collaboration over competition. 

Let’s keep finding ways to support each other.