My first video (yikes!): How to have more energy for the things that matter most - Sage B. Hobbs

When I was 23, I was walking home, and as I passed a construction site, some workers whistled at me.   I was shocked, because I was on my way home from radiation treatment, and wasn’t feeling my most hot.   I remember thinking so clearly “they don’t know my story, my secret.”  In that moment, I realized that everyone is carrying a story, a past, maybe a secret, and my compassion grew.  

Ever notice how much energy we spend judging ourselves and others?  It’s amazing actually.  We humans are judging machines, like hardwired to assess at all times.  Pay attention to your thoughts for just one hour and you’ll hear yourself repeatedly spinning with opinions.

Here are 3 strategies, that when used, will help you have more energy for what you really want AND a bigger heart (which, incidentally, makes you happier). Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 3.26.44 PM

Watch my first ever video (yikes!)

Judgements aren’t inherently bad. However, when they are so automatic that they run our thinking, then our amazing energy and power isn’t available to do our real work, to live our lives with open hearts and contribution.

Now, let me be clear.  I am human and I can be judgmental.  Period.  I work really diligently, with great intention, to quiet the critic in my head.  So, I am in this with you.  I’m super committed to being on this planet as a loving, powerful, agent of change, so I keep at it, and the critic quiets.

This is my first video, so if you’ve been following my story, you’ll know I’m walking my talk by taking risks and trying new things.  Hope you find it valuable!

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