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Naked communication isn’t just about how you communicate, but also how you live.

You’re busting your butt to make people happy, take care of all the things, and also make some kind of a difference with your time on planet earth.

You’re doing your part to be the best woman, friend, mom, partner, daughter, and generally a good citizen of the world.

You know you’re smart, capable, kind, and loving…(at least deep down, below the busy, frustrated, hustling you hope you’re still those things).

But sometimes it all just feels crazy pants.  Like your relationships are frustrating, you can’t quite say what you really mean, or manage to get any time for yourself.

You’ve stopped hanging out with, or even calling, the people you used to hang with every weekend.

Or when you do, you spend more time complaining to each other than laughing and sharing your ideas and dreams.

Your calendar is full of stuff you’d rather not be doing, but you’re not sure how to step off the hamster wheel.

You know you “should” be happy, that there are much bigger problems in the world than family “drama” at the holidays or how many times you wanted to scream at your kids (or husband or boss or mom).

Despite your best efforts, you know you can do better.

You’re done feeling disconnected from yourself, your friends, your family.

You’re over it.  

You want to feel lit up, inspired, and connected.  

You want to feel like you actually have a say in how your life is going.


Well, yesssssss, mama. I feel you.
And I’ve got something for you.

“The group was warm & welcoming, which added depth to the discussion.  Many of us were stuck in the same patterns and often found answers based on others’ shared experiences.” M. B.
I’m kicking off the next round of “The Naked Communication Experience,” which is my way of creating an environment in which women can thrive, together.  


A group experience to reconnect with yourself and those you love most (and even the ones you don’t).


A beautiful, small group of women who are all getting real about what they actually want their relationships to look like.  Who are willing to explore, experiment, and transform how their communication impacts ALL areas of their life.  To get a bit more “naked” together.


Where they can learn and try new ways of showing up in the world, courageously, and with loads of support from me and other women, together.


Where they can stop pretending they’ve got it all figured out, and can let the sh*t be real, together.


 “It was a place I felt comfortable opening up and being very honest.” J. M.
The Naked Communication Experience is supportive, deep, and fun group coaching program that will help you reconnect with yourself and bring more love and ease to all of your relationships.


And who doesn’t want that??


It’s like we’re going on a sweet road trip.  (And I LOVE a good road trip.  With Doritos.) An adventure where we try new things, see new sights, meet new people, all the time laughing our asses off and crying with our new best friends.  Like Thelma and Louise, but instead of driving off a cliff we drive into a loving community of women badasses, just like us.


So here’s what’s possible for you through the Naked Communication Experience:


  • Love yourself more for who you are
  • Face your fears and take action anyway
  • Handle conflicts with confidence
  • Ask for what you want with more ease
  • Build better relationships (whether it’s with your mom, partner, spouse, kids, friends, or co-workers)

We’ll cover 4 main topics that will totally shift the way you talk (and listen) with everyone in your life:

Awareness + Roadblocks

Conflicts + Discernment

Possibility + Power

Boundaries + Self-worth

We’ll talk about questions like:

  • How are you holding yourself back from the freedom and connection you desire?  
  • Are you keeping yourself stuck and disconnected from the people in your life?
  • What if everyone is right? Or no one is? And what if that is a key to feeling FREE?
  • What do you really need… and why aren’t you asking for it?
“This is a framework that gives you your very own suit of armor to help you show up as the BEST VERSION OF YOU.”   Y.M.
You know how we often say, “Oh I’m gonna get to that.  I’m working on it.”  But then we don’t actually DO anything about it?!


That’s because it’s haaaarrrd to do things (and a lot less fun!) all on your own.  Left alone, we’d sit on the couch binging on Friday Night Lights and eating ice cream.


Just like a solo road trip sounds like a fun idea, until you’re 1,700 miles into the middle of bumbleF nowhere all by yourself (boring, lonely, and maybe a bit scary).


How much of your time and energy is wasted worrying or wondering about one of the many relationships in your life?


How often do you want to say something, or speak up, but you’re not exactly sure how to do it in a way that feels good?


We all need support, encouragement, cheerleading, problem solving, in a safe and strong community.  That’s what The Naked Communication Experience is all about.


It’s interactive, inspirational, fun, and useful.  (There may or may not be an occasional dance party, but no pressure.  #yourchoice)


Together, with an awesome group of women, we’ll explore ways to really own your power and voice, to create more freedom and vitality in your life, and to reclaim your time and energy.


The Naked Road Trip starts now.  Ongoing group coaching to give you wild encouragement (because we all need it sometimes and it feels amazing) AND powerful tools to help you show up, speak up, and create a powerful, meaningful life… with ease.

“I love hearing what others were going through because I could relate to almost every single one of their experiences.” M.M.

Want to join us?

What does it look like?

    • Two, 90-minute group coaching calls a month in a virtual “living-room-women’s-circle.” These are the BEST– where we share this time together, with direct coaching from me on key parts of naked communication and answering your questions
    • Exercises to ensure you’re actually engaging and going for it (because inspiration alone won’t get you the results you desire)
    • A private FB community where you can show up with challenges and wins and know that you’re 1,000% supported by me and others in the community.
    • $150/month for as long as you choose to participate 

    If it’s a fit, and you know you’re dying for a big shift in how you show up in the world and to create more energy, ease, and connection in your life, then I can’t wait to do this with you.

    XO, Sage

  • “Sage creates a space that feels safe to open up. I learned A LOT that I’ve been able to apply to my life!”
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