My New Year's Ritual... It Feels Good. - Sage B. Hobbs

New Year’s is one of those holidays that can carry so much significance.  


The night itself is “supposed” to be a special, rockin’ event. (I had a blast up in the mountains with some friends and family, but it was simple, and I was happily in bed by 10:30!)


Then there’s the “should” feeling of resolutions, goals, intentions, big change, new lists, etc.


It can all feel overwhelming or bleh.  Sometimes, we don’t get around to even doing any reflections or setting new goals, and we feel guilty about that too!


So, I’ve been wanting to write to you for a while… but was letting the significance weigh me down as well.  


I went quiet for a couple of weeks.  Less social media.  Less writing.  I just needed the space.  And I’m learning to listen more to what I need, not always pressing on. #alwayslearning


After some incubation, I was ready to revisit the New Year ritual that fires me up and make me feel good. It’s an easy 3-step one.


Here’s how I LOVE to turn over a new year.  No pressure.  No fireworks.  No guilt.  No shame.  No overwhelm. No judgement (or as little as possible!)


Just a quiet hour by yourself with some paper, a candle, and a cup of tea.  If you want more time, take it.  If an hour with your thoughts alone feels like a stretch, start there.


1.CELEBRATE:   What went well in your life this year?  

What was fun? What are you proud of?  What made you happy? What did you accomplish?


Nothing is too small to be on this list.  Everything is fair game.  Write as quickly as you can, with as little time to censor yourself as possible.  


The simple act of doing this celebration practice is itself liberating.  For reals.  We so rarely honor what’s going well, where we’ve rocked it, how we’ve won, for fear of looking arrogant or boastful.  


Screw that.  Celebrate the shit out of your victories, my friends.  It feels awesome.


  1. RELEASE: What didn’t go well in your life this year?  

Where’d you fail?  What didn’t you accomplish, but meant to?  How did you berate or judge yourself?  Where were you stuck or struggling?


Again, write it ALL down.  This list is for you and you only.  Allow a full brain dump onto the page.  


Then, take three deep, slow breaths.  

Take a warm swig of that tea.  

Look at the flame of the candle.


And choose to let those shortcomings, challenges, judgments, failures go.  I say choose, because it’s truly a choice to move on, forgive, and release.  


It’s much easier to stay stuck, to keep berating ourselves or shining a light on things that didn’t work out as we’d hoped.


But releasing all that crap feels much, much better.  Try it.  


You can simply say quietly to yourself, “I’m letting go of all that didn’t serve me or go my way in 2016, so I can make way for new, fresh goodness.”


  1. INTEND: What is your simplest intention for how you want your new year to go?


Step 3 isn’t a big long list.  It’s tuning into the clearest, simplest, truest desires for how you want to create your 2017.  


Again, no big pressure.  It can feel like a stretch, but not one that causes you stress.  


It should feel good.


Some people like to choose just one word as their intention for the year.  That word acts like their guidepost, their mantra, their reminder of how they want to live.


This is the first time I’ve chosen a word.  Mine is EASE.


I’ve also added three simple things that I know I can achieve AND make me feel good.

Dance more. Take my calcium. Meditate regularly.


Of course I have business goals, creative dreams, travel wish lists, etc. too.  I write those down also, because it’s fun and exciting for me.


But the key is to have a simple intention that inspires you, moves you, and guides the way you want to live for the next 12 months.  


Ease. Freedom. Joy. Trust. Love. Focus. Clarity. Inspired. Creative. Open-hearted. Courageous. Connected. Loving.  YOUR CHOICE.


2016 was a total roller coaster for me, with many highs and some lows in between.  It was super helpful for me to go through this 3 part ritual, so I could have some true perspective how it all unfolded.  


In the end, I realized that a roller coaster only comes when you take risks and play big.  Highs only feel high in comparison to some lows. And you only get to ride if you’re really engaging with life and open to opportunities.


This perspective gave me peace.  It got me to step back onto the rollercoaster for another 12 months (with more risks… bigger speaking gigs, different opportunities to work with me, new writing ideas).


I wish you an extraordinary 2017.  Filled with a roller coaster of your own design.


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Much love and more “nakedness,”



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