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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures outline how I manage my coaching business.  These structures are in place so our relationship can be clear and smooth from the onset. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  (The legal details are outlined on my site at https://sagebhobbs.com/legal/)

With gratitude and excitement for our work together,




Our Calls

Please call me promptly at the designated time.  Please be ready for the call, as clear from distractions as possible. I encourage you to reflect on the program assignments, exercises, and activities, prior to our calls, so we can use our call time to best support you and keep you moving effectively in your progress.


If you need to reschedule your call, please give me at least 24-hour notice and we will have a makeup session if the schedule allows. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a makeup session.  It is dependent on schedule availability.  Missed calls are not refunded.  

Extra Support

Please email me between our calls if you need support, have a question, or can’t wait to celebrate something!  If you’re in my one-on-one coaching programs, you have access to me via email for the duration of our work together.  I am available to support you through the process.


If I ever say or do something that upsets you or just doesn’t feel right, please tell me.   I am here to help you succeed and support you. Clear communication is the foundation for our coaching relationship, truly.


The investment is set forth in your Coaching Agreement.  Late payments are unacceptable, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Referrals are at the heart of my business, and I am honored when clients want to share the value that they have gotten from our coaching relationship.  I greatly appreciate referrals to other people who are ready for coaching. To thank you for referring a new client to me, you will receive a gift from me when one of your lovely referrals becomes a new client.  

What You Can Expect From Me

  • A resource and partner to co-create your game and support you in your success
  • Honesty and authenticity – including telling you when I am not clear on something or when I have a concern
  • A commitment to support and champion you as you grow towards having the life you most desire.  My success will be measured by yours!
  • Continual investment in my own development as a coach that will enhance my work with my clients
  • Challenges and requests that will stretch you just outside your comfort zone where amazing growth happens
  • A genuine appreciation for the privilege and responsibility you have entrusted me with as your coach
  • Enthusiasm and encouragement every step of the way

What I Expect From You

  • Initiate and take action regularly- play full out!
  • Not to give up when facing challenges
  • Collaborate with me as a resource and a partner in creating your success
  • Honor and respect our relationship with integrity to our scheduled calls, payment, etc.
  • That you be responsible for your results
  • Not follow my advice blindly, but rather integrate and synthesize it with your own decisions
  • Tell the truth and are honest with yourself and me

What to Talk About During Our Calls

I will take us through the coaching program and systems that I have created in order for you to maximize your results.  However, many new clients wonder what that actually “sounds like” when we’re on our calls.  Here are some of the things covered in our coaching conversations:

  • Wins and challenges that have occurred since our last call      
  • New insight and awareness
  • Any new choices/decisions presenting themselves to you
  • Where you are still feeling stuck and how to move through it
  • Planning or revising your game plan with fresh strategies  
  • Check in on your progress toward your objectives


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