Join this workshop on raising culturally competent kids

Raising Culturally Competent Kids Workshop

George Floyd. Child separations at the border.  Black Lives Matter.  Mocking of a reporter’s disability.  A national rise in hate crimes. The #MeToo Movement. Breonna Taylor. 

Raising kids and teens today… there’s a lot to talk about.

In today’s world, it is imperative to know how to effectively address the challenges, and assets, of a culturally diverse world with confidence to help our children thrive.

Join Sage B. Hobbs and Nadia Ali – two fellow moms, friends, and longtime facilitators of challenging conversations. With over 40 years of combined experience working in public education, public health, non-profit, and corporate sectors to support leadership and equity,  they will share ways to have these crucial conversations with our children. 


Join us to learn, share and discuss strategies for:

  • A greater understanding of your own cultural identity
  • Increased confidence to have challenging, culturally competent conversations with your kids
  • Resources to further explore issues of cultural competence
  • A deeper sense of commitment to raising the next generation with more equity, awareness and empathy


“Our elementary school, the Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies, was fortunate enough to host the “Raising Culturally Competent Kids” workshop presented by Sage B. Hobbs. A large group of parents attended the event, and the feedback was incredibly positive and thankful following the event. Sage uses engaging connection activities, personal stories, research, and educational observations to create a safe environment for parents to engage and discuss topics of diversity and inclusion. The workshop was interactive; participants were presented with thought-provoking research, tools and insights for supporting their children with this critical topic, and opportunities to listen and learn from fellow parents and educators. Overall, the workshop raised awareness and built efficacy, as well as helping to build an inclusive school community.”

Phil Katsampes
School Principal: BCSIS
Boulder Valley School District

Want to bring this workshop to your school? Reach out HERE.

*10% of your registration fee will go to support ELPASO, Latino Parents Committed to Advancing School Outcomes, a local non-profit organization dedicated to supporting educational equity in Boulder County. Check out their powerful, grassroots work to close the achievement gap HERE

We are offering scholarships to those facing financial hardship. If you need a scholarship, or have any questions, please email

We hope we can partner with your school or organization in this important discussion on how we can support the next generation in understanding the importance and value of equity.

Sage B. Hobbs

Sage’s passion for maximizing human potential and cultivating cultures of equity has led to over 20 years of experience working in public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Her specialty is relational leadership and communication, working with mission-driven leaders to create organizational cultures that ensure greater success and satisfaction. Sage is known for facilitating uncomfortable conversations that support the growth, connection, and inclusivity.  She’s also a mom of two, a “retired” school counselor, a cancer survivor, and a beach-loving-book-nerd.

Nadia Ali

Nadia is Founder and CEO of Idea Labs, a mission-driven consulting firm advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace through training, leadership coaching and organizational strategy. She has nearly 20 years of experience spanning program management, coalition building, leadership and workforce development, community outreach, health care reform and health and racial equity. In her spare time, Nadia loves spending time with friends and family, cooking and baking, being outdoors with her husband and two children, and building community.

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