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Resources I Love

My mentors and inspirational crushes:

Danielle LaPorte:

Okay, by this point you know I’m a pretty passionate and enthusiastic person, right?  And that I get totally pumped by things that inspire me and make my life better.  And then I tell everyone about them.  I’m a loud broadcaster.

So…they’re here!  And you can have one

A while back I told you about my big time girl crush on the uber bright, creative, beautiful, badass Danielle LaPorte.  (I know some of you feel me on this, and are quietly cyber stalking her for some inspiration and motivation!)

My most favorite thing is her planner.  And the 2017 beauties are ready for us!  (I know, I’m lamenting the end of summer, but the new year will in fact be here soon-ish.)

I use my planner almost every morning so I start my day happy and grounded.  Because I’m a nerd.  I love to plan.  I love to make lists.  I love to cross things off lists.  I also love to treat myself to beautiful things that make me happy.  And mostly, I love to wake up with at least 4 quiet minutes for myself before I jump into mom and work madness.  

But this planner isn’t just about my endless list, thank god because that’s dull.  It’s about reminding me everyday what I’m grateful for, how I really want to feel, and what’s most important to me.  

It’s like an organizational geek’s gratitude journal, to-do list, and intention setting tool all wrapped up into one neat and tidy spot.  That’s what this planner does for me.

Besides, they’re gorgeous.  And you deserve beautiful things that bring you joy.   I’ve already ordered mine!  

Want in?  Get it here.  They always sell out.

FYI, I am a proud affiliate of Danielle’s work, which means I get a small commission if you choose to buy anything.  However, I only share things that I truly adore and have found profoundly useful in my own life.  It is with that love in mind that I share this with you.  Because you’re awesome and I want you to have all you desire.

{SIDE NOTE}  If you get yourself a planner (or my other favorites The Desire Map book and Truthbomb decks) be sure to… 1. Use them!  It’s fun and inspiring.  2. Tell me how you like them.  I’d love to geek out with you 🙂

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