Schools, Authentic Leadership, and Black Women Entrepreneurs with Dr. Shenelle DuBose (Season 6, Ep 4) - Sage B. Hobbs

Season 6 E4: Schools, Authentic Leadership, and Black Women Entrepreneurs with Dr. Shenelle DuBose


Today’s guest offers so much passion, purpose, wisdom, and humor.  The amazing Dr. Shenelle Dubose shows up authentically in everything she does, including her honest and open sharing on this episode. Shenelle isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks and to do the hard work required to create real change.

In this show we're talking about:

  • Her career changes and her search for positive social impact
  • Changing our mental models
  • Transforming schools 
  • What “clear communication” really means if you’re a Black woman leader
  • How education and equity are tied together
  • Black women and entrepreneurship

Some favorite quotes: 

“A part of the work is disruption. We’re in a system that wasn’t built for Black and Brown children.”

“Are you going to keep stepping back in fear? Or are you going to step forward?”

More about Dr. Shenelle DuBose and her work:

Dr. DuBose not only offers over 20 years as an experienced educator, innovator, and leader in the learning community, but she delivers unmatched passion and energy to turn your goals into reality. As a teacher, principal, leadership coach, instructional facilitator and online instructor, Dr. DuBose has the hands-on, real world experience you need… plus the leadership philosophy and commitment you seek “to make moves that matter” in your organization. Her own words best sum up her beliefs:

 “I believe in creating an inclusive and welcome learning community where every student can experience academic and social success, where diversity is celebrated, and expertise and leadership potential are valued and cultivated. I will facilitate ownership and commitment to a shared vision.”

Shenelle is a systems thinker with exemplary problem solving and coaching skills.  She is adept at working with and engaging diverse groups around common learning. She uses these very same skills in her own consulting company.  

In addition to her professional training and development, Shenelle also supports other women educators who are ready to move beyond the classroom to stand in their value and pursue the new dream in their hearts, without starting from scratch. 

Connect with Dr. Shenelle DuBose via:


Facebook and Instagram @educatorsmovingon 

Thank you thank you for listening to the show.  It is such an honor to have these conversations with you and a special thank you to Dr. Shenelle Dubose for sharing her expertise and experience.

Xo, Sage & Erica

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