Storming the Capitol and a New Year - Sage B. Hobbs

Hey there,

I meant to send this out days ago.  I’d begun writing to you when an alert popped up on my phone about the storming of the Capitol.  Texts started flying between my friends and family members. In short, I got derailed (understandably).  And now, back to action.

Because – We. Have. Work. To. Do. 

Relationships are the key to your personal happiness and professional success.
And communication is the foundation to build those relationships.
And communication is often the hardest thing for us to do well (especially across differences and in disagreements).
So, we have work to do.

We’re in a NEW YEAR.  In many ways, it’s “just” symbolic – the changing over of the calendar.  But, I’ll take it – as an opportunity to realign with my values, work, message, and passion.  

Who wants to be way more courageous, free, and impactful with me in 2021?!  Awesome. I’m so glad you’re here.

Many of you know that I love writing (these letters to you, articles, the book).  But what I love even more is talking 🙂  The 4th season of the Naked Conversations podcast is focused on “Race, Culture, & Beyond” – and it’s been an incredible honor to explore hard and messy topics in interracial conversations with my friend Erica.

Of all of my coaching, training, and development work… nothing makes me explore my own courage, freedom, and impact more than making this podcast.

This week on Season 4 Episode 3 we explored “what we were feeling about the election madness.”  (It was actually the very first time that we recorded together, but we then decided to release the intro episodes first.)

Here’s what’s in it for you to explore:

      • Raising kids in these political times 
      • Navigating the hard feelings (confusion, hurt, disgust, sadness) through this time
      • Seeking to process the implied ideals of the voting outcome
      • Healing, recovery, undoing harm, the power of the F word

Thank you thank you for listening to the show.  It is such an honor and joy to have these conversations with you. They are necessary and needed and we are here to do the work. 

Your question of the week:
What would change if you were more courageous? (leave a comment, connect with me on IG, or simply journal your heart out)

Much love and more nakedness,


P.S. Race, Culture, & Beyond: A Naked Conversations Series on iTunes and on Spotify.

Photo by Ian Hutchinson