The Big Three: Communication, Trust, & Relationships - Sage B. Hobbs

Today I set aside time to sit on my couch with a cup of tea, across from one of my dearest friends of 20 years, and catch up on life. Taking this quiet time, while the kids were at school, will mean I have to do a bit of work this weekend… but it was 100% worth it.

We talked about how our lives are really going. What work we’re doing and creating in the world. Our challenges (and joys) of parenting and partnering. Grief, aging, gratitude, and laughter. Always laughter.

We took a short walk before she headed out and I returned to work. When she left, I reflected on my profound appreciation for friendship. Life throws some big hurdles at all of us, and we must pause to notice how we’re living.

Last month I wrote about the “power of reflection to increase your happiness” — the  importance of recognizing our progress and celebrating our wins (and not giving in to negativity bias). It’s worth a read (HERE) if you missed it, especially as we approach the end of another full year. 

Building on last month’s blog, and wrapping up 2022, I’ve been reflecting on three core tenets of my work: communication, trust, and relationships. 

Within those three areas, I can talk about leadership, social justice, team dynamics, love, and so much more.  

Because almost everything that is related to our happiness and our success (if those are even two separate things, which is debatable) goes back to these three foundational pillars.

Communicating with honesty, curiosity, kindness and courage can be really hard.

And without learning how to do it, it’s nearly impossible to create trust. 

And without trust, it’s nearly impossible to build meaningful relationships or lead effective teams/schools/organizations.

And without meaningful relationships, it’s almost impossible to have happiness and success.

You can see how this circle goes, right?

So, as December closes on another year, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where have you made strides in your communication, trust, or relationships? What are you proud of creating or accomplishing?
  • And where do you still want to grow? Which of these areas is more sticky for you?

I appreciate each of you. Thanks for being in this conversation with me.

I’m sending you love and courage as we close out one year and embark on another one.



P.S.  I’m currently booking work for next year. When you’re ready,  here are 3 ways that I can help you or your organization.

  • Leadership coaching that supports you in leveraging your strengths and building your capacity. 
  • Keynote speaking on campuses, conferences, and companies.
  • Team training and development that builds trust and connection.

If you want to talk further about bringing my work to you or your team, please schedule a call HERE


Some of my latest favorite books and resources:

  • For suspenseful, investigative reporting on how we’ve been teaching kids to read the WRONG way for decades (and the inequities in that mistake): Sold a Story Podcast
  • For fun and feminism: Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmust
  • For better understanding of racism through time, told through deeply human stories: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi