Thinking about a career change? How I finally quit my job

Below I’ll share some helpful ways to decide whether or not you’re ready for a career change.  It can be a BIG decision.  I’ve been there.  But first…

Quick side note:  I’m SO excited to be a part of the amazing Harlem Yoga Studio community by being featured in their blog this month.  Please check it out, and share with your NYC peeps. It’s about LOVE.  We all love love.

Erica, one of the studio owners, has been a BFF of mine for a freakin’ long time (20 years!) She has built an incredible business that makes yoga accessible to everybody, building community, supporting local organizations, and generally kicking ass.

Erica is one of my soul sisters.  And she is also one of my female entrepreneur compatriots, busting ass to live a life of freedom and contribution.

As a pragmatic dreamer, I love to learn about others who are turning their vision and passion into realities.

In our truest hearts, isn’t that what we all want?  To have our lives really matter in the world AND to enjoy the ride?

SO, how do you decide to make a BIG career change?  I’ve talked to many friends and clients about this question.

It can be unsettling.  It can be overwhelming.  It can rock your confidence.  It can be downright terrifying.

How do you know when it’s time to let go and move on?

I can tell you how I decided to quit my job and start my own business.  BUT, you must also listen to your own intuition.  Trust that you do know what is best for you.  You really do.

Here are the key questions that helped me choose to start my own business.  And, I’ll start by saying that I have NO regrets in the choice I made, even when it’s been hard or scary.

Honoring your best self.

  • Is this the best way for me to contribute my strengths and talents in the world?

A life you LOVE.

  • Does this career give me (and my family) the lifestyle we both need and desire?

Your safety net.

  • What would I need to do to make this transition feel safe for me (and my family)?

 Treasure hunt.

  • What other options are out there that would fulfill my dreams and support my family?

For most of us, risk it scary.  The unknown or the new can feel daunting.  At the same time, it’s in those moments of risk that new possibilities await.  I LOVE the excitement of new possibilities.  And, I hate feeling stuck or unfulfilled.

Stagnation and resignation do not help us age well, my friend.

So, if you’re thinking about a career change, consider the questions above.  And then, tell us what you have in mind in the comments below!  Your dream job, your greatest talents, your ideal schedule.  We promise not to tell your boss 🙂

Really and truly, the world needs your greatest self.  And, you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

As always, it means so much to me to have this Badass + Brilliant community all over the world.  Thank you for hanging out with me each week! AND, if you like getting my weekly blog, pretty please share it with your friends.  I want them to join the party so they crush it along with you 🙂

Keep being Badass + Brilliant.  You are change agents.  The world needs you.

Game on!



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