Turn up the Tunes and Rock Out...How to Be Yourself

I’m a bit obsessed with the song “Thinking Out Loud” lately (much to my 5 year-old’s dismay).  You may roll your eyes, since it’s a bit cheesy and definitely very pop.  But, that’s cool, I’m still diggin’ it (and I know some of you are with me!)

I was fully rocking out in my car, music loud, singing, dancing in my seat at a red light.

From the corner of my eye I noticed the person in the next car watching me.  For a nanosecond I felt embarrassed.  But I was having too much fun and feeling too happy to really give a shit.

And it hit me.  For the millionth time in my life I needed “the lesson.”  Being myself is more important than others’ opinions.  I can be myself, especially in my own damn car.

So, turn up the tunes and rock out.  

When we are all so worried about what others think, it is truly paralyzing.  

Our creativity and leadership are stifled. The world gets stiffed of our talents.  And we have a lot less freedom and happiness.

You, your family, your friends, your work, your community all suffer when you are holding back.  

3 ways to bust out and be your best self:

First, identify where you are holding back.

Is it in your romantic relationships?  Your leadership at work?  Your playfulness with your kids?  Your creativity?  Sharing your opinions with your friends?

Then, start to pay attention to the moments when it happens.

“Oh, I should have shared my thoughts on that project.”  “Shoot, I could have paused and danced with my kid to Shake it Off even if I look ridiculous.”  “I never tell my partner what I really want and need (in bed or elsewhere).” “I hate this restaurant, but we always meet here.  Why don’t I say something?”

Lastly, practice your ass off.  This is the hardest part, where the rubber meets the road, and you try to return to the uninhibited 2-year-old you once were.

Rock out in your car.  Give your partner a big, juicy compliment.  Ask colleagues and peers for feedback on a new business venture.  Tell someone that you politely disagree with them.

Here’s a true confession: I know I’ve been holding back in business.  I justify my holding back with excuses like “I need more time to get it perfect first.”

This is BS, and I’m calling myself on it (phew.)

When I hold back, my ability to do my best work suffers.   My energy, vitality, and joy are drained.   My clients and readers who want more of my work miss out.  It’s a lose-lose across the board.

So, I’m declaring it here and now… I’m bringing more of me to the table.  My spontaneous dancing, sometimes swearing, say-it-like-it-is, fast talking self is who I need to be.  It’s the real deal me.

I know I’ll slip, and need “the lesson” again.  But that’s okay.  We’re striving for growth, not perfection.

What’s the worst that could happen, really? Some embarrassment… we’ve all survived that before (think of your first awkward kiss.)

Now, I’d love to hear from you.  Remember, we’re practicing letting loose and sharing ourselves.  AND the world really does need your unique brilliance, so let us have it 🙂

In the comments below, tell me “What is one way you could use these strategies to bust out and be yourself?”

I have so much appreciation for this growing community of amazing beings.  Thank you for visiting with me here in my corner of the digi-world.

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



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