Want to turbo boost your gratitude? Here’s how… - Sage B. Hobbs

It can be so easy to focus on the less-than-perfect or downright shitty parts of our lives. We can see our “failures” as massive and successes as microscopic.

When we’re feeling exhausted, stressed, unfulfilled, or even unhappy, it can be hard to feel grateful.  And yet, I’m a firm believer that gratitude can literally transform your life.  

Grandiose?  Maybe.  Worth trying?  Absolutely.

I set out to take my gratitude to a new level this year.  Like an experiment to see how much I could feel.  


There’ve been some challenges in my life this year.  My beloved 13-year-old neighbor was diagnosed with cancer. {Gratitude: she’s kicking its ass!}  My business has pushed me to make countless decisions and encroached on some of my precious “family time.”  Horrid terrorist attacks have rocked our planet, leaving my heart aching and my anxiety heightened.

And, still, I LOVE Thanksgiving.  Adore.  My absolute fave.  So, I spent some time boosting my gratitude.  Bringing my awareness back to what’s most important to me.

I created a Gratitude Turbo Boost that I want to share with you, no matter how grateful, or not, you’re feeling.  

This exercise helps no matter how you’re feeling.  Even if life feels hard and you’re having a tough time feeling grateful.  Or, maybe you’re feeling grateful like me, but you want to dig deeper and feel more connection to being thankful.  Do this.  

This Gratitude Turbo Boost is my gift to you because you’re amazing and I deeply appreciate having you in my world, creating this badass + brilliant life together.

 I promise it’s simple and you’ll love it.

Here’s what I did to dive deeper into my own gratitude discovery.  It was simple, but extraordinary.

I asked myself the following 10 questions.  I aimed for at least 5 answers to each question. I wrote down the “big” things and the “little” things, because they all contribute to my life.

I wrote some examples below each question, to get your creative juices flowing.  

Set aside 15 minutes and let it rip.  You will be so glad you did.

And then, in the comments below, I’d love to know what you discovered about gratitude?

gratitude turbo boost

What am I thankful for with my family?

  • I got to be a mom despite fertility struggles
  • My husband is a teacher and loves his work

What am I thankful for with my body?

  • It kicked cancer’s ass
  • It allows me to walk, dance, and breathe

What am I thankful for with mind?

  • It allows me to be curious
  • It fuels my creativity so I can write

What am I thankful for with my home?

  • It keeps us warm and dry
  • It has a washer and dryer

What am I thankful for with community?

  • It has awesome public schools
  • We have THE best neighbors

What am I thankful for with my friends?

  • We laugh our asses off
  • We forgive each other

What am I thankful for with food?

  • I have access to such variety of food
  • I have enough of it

What am I thankful for with my work?

  • Allows me flexibility to be with my kids
  • It lets me use my strengths

What else am I thankful for?

  • Nachos
  • Sunshine

And what else am I thankful for?

  • The new Hunger Games movie
  • Yoga

And here’s the rockin’ article from New York Times on the science behind why being grateful, even when you don’t feel like it, actually makes you happier.  So, you don’t just have to take my word for it!

Lastly, thank you.  Without YOU I couldn’t do the work that I love so much.  Truly.  

Here’s to you upping your gratitude and inviting more happiness into your life.  That’s what badasses do.  They grow and thrive.  And you, my friend, are a total badass.

Please share the love and gratitude.  Pass this along to your friends who want to ramp up their happiness and gratitude this busy (and sometimes stressful) holiday season.

With tons of love and gratitude,



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