What female leadership really means

Family folklore goes that when I was about three years old, there was a stranger walking ahead of me who dropped his empty cigarette box.  Enraged, I picked it up, handed it to him and pronounced him a litterbug.

My mother, while slightly embarrassed, was also quite proud.  Standing up for my beliefs and confronting the wrongdoer.   The leadership seed was planted (though I needed to cultivate my approach!)

I’m more clear than ever, after a lifetime of schooling, traveling, and now motherhood, that the world needs female leadership.  ASAP.  That includes you, my amazing friend.


I’ve created my whole business about unleashing your inner badass + brilliance.  Said differently, it’s about stepping into your leadership.  Owning your power.  Sharing your unique talents. And, dare I say, transforming the world (yes, you are that powerful.)

If that sounds crazy, I totally get it.  I push myself to do it every, darn day.  When I left my career as a school counselor, and started this adventure as an entrepreneur, it was freakin’ scary, and definitely risky.  I knew it was what I had to do (like my heart was screaming at me!), but that didn’t make it any more comfortable.

I felt like I was standing naked in public (eek!).  And, at times, it still feels that way.  It can be terrifying.

{For example, if you haven’t read my most vulnerable piece yet, here it is.  Even putting this part of my story out there took my willingness to “lead,” and to be unsure.}

Female leadership is about unleashing your inner badass + brilliance.  It sounds kind of fun to be badass + brilliant, doesn’t it?  It sounds like freedom and happiness.  Maybe like Stevie Nicks with a little leather and lace.

So much has been written on this topic (Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In is awesome- I highly recommend it).  And I’m not going to drone on about feminism and the glass ceiling (while valid topics).

Being badass + brilliant, bringing your leadership out into the world, is really about YOU living your best life.

It is about being clear on what you really want, and then having the courage to go after it.

It is about not stifling your strengths and abilities because you’re scared of what others might think.

It’s about being bold and honest with your insights and feelings, so others can learn from your wisdom.

It’s about asking for what you want, and saying no to what doesn’t serve you.

It’s about using your life full up, so you know you lived well.

The beautiful reward: you, your family, your community, your industry, and literally the world can transform when you express your leadership.

It’s not necessarily about being CEO or running for Congress, though it definitely could be!

It’s about YOU making conscious choices that line up with your desires and talents, choices that are not determined by fear of judgment or lack of confidence.

If you were really honest with yourself, how are you holding back from leading fully?  Is there a book in there that needs to be written?  Do you have the desire to create quality schools for everyone?  Do you have a story of healing that could help others heal?  Are you a tech genius who could invent a revolutionary health device?  Do you want to show your children the world?  Are you swallowing your opinions and insights?

Many believe that women are the largest untapped resource in the world.  That our collective genius and talent is the missing link to world health and peace.

Sounds huge, and maybe a bit daunting.  But, also super exciting and inspiring.

Let’s just start.  Start by getting clear on what you most desire in the world. Start by taking steps to go after those desires.  Start by sharing more of your ideas and talents.  Start by being a little more bold and courageous than you’ve been before.

You are badass + brilliant.  And the world needs you.

I’m puttin’ on my big girl pants and ramping up my game.  Hope you’ll join me, you brilliant babe, you.

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



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