What is coaching?

What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process between client and coach that taps into client’s creativity, potential, and desire to live a fulfilling life. Through coaching, clients explore what possibilities are available in their lives and what actions are needed to make those possibilities become realities. The coaching process focuses on creating goals, bringing clarity to those goals, creating structures and actions to achieve those goals, and managing personal change and growth.

Coach’s role:

  • Ask questions to elicit creative ideas and insights from clients
  • Encourage client in self-discovery
  • Hold client accountable for the actions that support the desired growth
  • Align with client’s goals to support him/her in the process of achieving these goals
  • Help client bring clarity to his/her goals

Benefits of the coaching relationship:

  • A non-judgmental, confidential coach who always champions your success
  • Improved clarity and focus
  • Support and encouragement while you make changes you’ve wanted to make for some time
  • Creating more energy for the things that are most important to you
  • Feeling greater balance as you learn skills to make your life work better
  • More joy and fulfillment as you access your creativity and take action
  • Learning how to invite changes and challenges as opportunities for growth
  • Sense of accomplishment as you move forward towards goals with greater confidence

Coaching is about looking at a life that works, and creating a life that THRIVES. Through coaching, clients will experience personal and/or professional growth, access more joy, and have a greater sense of balance. Coaching is not therapy, and does not focus on healing past trauma. Coaching focuses on growth and on living a bigger, more extraordinary life.


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