Where’s your mojo when you want to pull your hair out? - Sage B. Hobbs

It was one of those days when you try to squeeze in too much, and you’re dancing between all your roles.  Bike to school, doctor’s appointment, film video for program, eat while responding to emails (bad, bad), host group coaching call, remember to pee, pick up kids, have a nice dinner on the table with a smile on your face.

You’re feeling pretty good, like it’s all under control and you’re a bit of a rockstar because you managed to do the work/home thing with relative ease.

Then your kid complains about dinner and your other one draws on the table with marker and you notice your house looks an episode from Hoarders (or close).  F. This.

You want to walk away or pull your hair out.  You just want a moment to breathe.


A client recently told me that sometimes she doesn’t feel human as a mom because it can be  thankless.  There’s a total assumption that she’ll feed, cloth, kiss, and cuddle whenever needed just because it’s her “job.”  

But what about all the other parts of her?  Her other passions, interests, desires, talents?  

The question I get asked a lot is… How do you keep your mojo firing on all cylinders when you feel like an overwhelmed, under-appreciated, subhuman?

I could go off on this all day.  You know I believe it’s absolutely essential to attend to your mojo.  That your mojo is your power, passion, vitality, sexiness, and center.  That without it your life slowly fades into abject boredom and despair (okay, maybe extreme, but close.)

But, the short answer is this.  To keep your mojo alive requires choice, practice, and commitment.

Like anything else of value in your life, your mojo needs attention in order to flourish. Once you’ve given it a lot of love over time, then it can be there for you when you need it. In those moments of madness.  

It becomes a core part of your identity, a key part of your strength.  When you’ve barely had a moment to be still and the little minions are demanding your attention, your mojo is there.  Keeping you grounded in your worth and value.  Keeping you solid in your bigger purpose.  In who you are beyond this moment.

You know the people who always seem so beautifully content and self-assured that people want to be around them?  They have their madness moments too, I promise.  But, they also have their mojo on, and it supports them unwaveringly.

And yours can too.  With choice, practice, and commitment.  It’s time to fan the fire.

As always, thank you for reading.  You are a brilliant badass, and the world needs you.  

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



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