Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Okay, so I’m a bit beyond 30, but I am celebrating that this is my 30th newsletter!  For 30 weeks I haven’t missed one.  I’ve had to push past my creative blocks and insecurities to keep my commitment to weekly blogging.  And this acknowledgement junkie is giving herself a badass high five for it.  Here’s why.

It can be so freakin’ hard to celebrate ourselves!  Why are we so hard on ourselves, so quick to overlook our accomplishments, and to sidestep a compliment?  


The expression “I’m my own worst critic” seems to be true for so many brilliant, smart, and beautiful women I know, both friends and clients.

And, annoyingly, it doesn’t seem to be as true for men.  Grrr.

Why are we so uncomfortable with being human (aka imperfect and messy)?  

I’m frustrated, sad, and even a bit pissed that we women often hold ourselves back.  Our leadership is so needed.  And yet, we struggle with owning our power, our unique awesomeness.

Today, I’m fighting back, by pumping you up.  

Here are your 10 reminders.  

Use them as mantras or affirmations (even if you’ve never tried that before.)

Try them out with your girlfriends (they’ll love you for it.)

Read them and re-read them and take them in (no deflection allowed.)

Don’t argue with yourself or me about whether or not they’re true (just trust me and go with it.)

    • You are far more courageous than you give yourself credit for.
    • You are a creative being with something to offer (even if you don’t paint or sing!)
    • You have a huge heart with an amazing capacity to give and receive love.
    • You are a problem solver who can figure out juggling multiple things.
    • You are beautiful (even when you don’t love your wrinkles.)
    • You are playful and fun (when you let yourself be!)
    • You have life wisdom that is unique and valuable.
    • You are so important to the people in your life.
    • You are capable of incredible joy and success (whatever that means to you.)


  • You are enough.  You are enough.  You are enough.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear….

“What’s one thing you’re proud of, a #badasshighfive in your life?”  It’s time to let it rip a little bit, ladies.

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Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



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