Why Do I Write? - Sage B. Hobbs

Our feral period (aka summer) is over. 

My kids are back in school, along with my teacher husband.  

My house is quieter than it’s been in months… but now the juggle of feeding and clothing and working (more) is ramped up.  Along with… keeping up with the local and global news and finding our place amidst it all.  #hardandbeautifullife

If you’re in transition mode, for any seasonal or otherwise reason, I feel you. I’m sending you deep breaths, love, courage, and stamina.

Life is full.  And for me, there’s always a sense of urgency – more I can do, write, give, offer. (I know, I know, I’m working on BE-ing.  It’s a lifelong practice for me.)

So, as I sat down to write to you (which I’ve been doing for seven years now?!) I asked myself:

 “Why do I write to you?”

I came up with these two main reasons why I keep writing these blogs and posting them on my site.


        1. To express my creativity through sharing stories and learnings, in the hope that they support you in building your own courageous and meaningful life.
        2. To share what I’m making, in the hope you’ll keep living, learning, and leading alongside me and pass it along to others who may love it also.

    I write about my life – my work, my relationships, my mistakes, my hopes and dreams. 

    I say a lot about certain things that I’m passionate about, like:

        • Social justice, anti-racism, and equity
        • The importance of emotional intelligence
        • Educational systems and being a lifelong learner
        • My love of great relationships and communication 
        • Building positive cultures and communities
        • Dealing with conflict and challenges 
        • Uncomfortable (and important) conversations
        • Living with big courage and lingering anxiety
        • Doing our part to “know better and then do better” – as spoken by the amazing Maya Angelou

    If I had to sum it up (which is hard to do when you’re a multi-passionate person):

    I support schools, organizations, and families to create more kind, inclusive, and connected communities.  

    I support human beings in how they live, love, and lead to create lives that matter and serve the greater good.

    If you’re new here, and these things interest you, YAY!  I’m glad to share my work and journey with you.

    If you’ve been reading my blogs and musings for years, THANK YOU.

    And if these things no longer interest you, or my storytelling style isn’t your jam, that’s really okay.  You can stop reading anytime.

    Here’s what I’ve been making and want to share with you today:

        • I made a course, along with two awesome colleagues.  It’s quite good and I think it will help lots of folks and companies know and do better.  Check it out HERE and more info coming soon. 
        • Do you want to bring the critical conversation about cultural competency and parenting to your kid’s school?  Along with my friend and colleague Nadia Ali of Idea Labs, LLC, we lead an awesome workshop for parents/guardians. You can learn about it here. Hit reply if you want to talk about your school hosting this event.
        • Race, Culture, and Beyond: A Naked Conversations Podcast is coming back soon for SEASON 6 (how is this possible?!)  If you haven’t been listening, you’ve got some catching up to do 🙂 It’s on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.

    I really hope to spend more time writing and recording the podcast, as they both fuel me. AND, I’ve been busy gearing up to work with multiple schools on building (and maintaining) positive, inclusive, and successful cultures through leadership development and important community conversations. 

    … Along with managing the ever changing lives of my own two kids from the skate park to cross country practice and beyond.  Showing up as a partner, daughter, sister, and friend. The juggle is real.  And I wouldn’t want it any other way.  

    Here’s to living big, full, meaningful lives.