Why I needed to HIT something (and how it helped) - Sage B. Hobbs

My shins are so bruised.  I can barely lift my arms because my shoulders throb.

I’m almost 45 years old and I’m taking both kickboxing and boxing classes this week… neither of which I have ever done before. 

I needed to HIT something.
Pound out my rage.
Move some of my anger.
Feel STRONG in my body.
Feel able to protect myself better.
Focus solely on the one thing (punching bag) right in front of me.

This isn’t a political email.  However, you know me and my work.  

I’m an advocate for using our voice for the greater good.

Of speaking up for (and coaching others to do so as well) fairness and safety in our schools, communities, companies, and families. 

Of deep  listening, human connection across differences, meaningful and messy conversations.

I’m pro-choice and pro-common-sense-gun reform.  I’ve had lots of big feelings recently.

Mostly, I choose to believe that people are good and that we’re doing the best we can with the skills we have.  These are core tenets of my leadership coaching and team building philosophy.

And, yet.  These tenets have been challenged lately (and they will be again).

I’ve had to actively and intentionally bring myself back to these core values.  I’ve had to find ways to express my rage (thus my newfound boxing hobby), yet keep moving forward.  I’ve had to fight with myself to keep hope alive and continue to take action wherever, whenever, and however I can.

That’s leadership.

Some of what that looks like for me is:

  • Working directly with school principals and administrators on how to build cultures of belonging and lead with courage and integrity.
  • Bringing guests onto the podcast who can share their lived experiences and expertise on educational equity, anti-racism and justice work, leading from your values, and more.
  • Talking to my kids about why I intervene when a neighbor is speaking rudely to some Latinx tree maintenance workers.
  • Giving money to organizations that are doing work I believe in.

But what does it look like for YOU?

How do you let your values lead you?

How do you stay committed to what’s important to you?

If you haven’t checked in with yourself in a while, ask yourself these questions.  

In your daily life, are you making choices that are aligned with what really matters to you?

If not, don’t beat yourself up.  But DO look for opportunities to recalibrate.  To realign the way you speak, listen, lead, and love with your core values.

Lastly, it’s SUMMER.  It’s my favorite time of year.  And while the world can feel heavy and hard, I am (and always will) find JOY and gratitude for this life I live.  I hope you can too.

A few things I’ve loved this summer:

  • Watching “Summer of Soul” – SO good!
  • Binging “The Gilmore Girls” with my 9 (going on 19) year old daughter and “Stranger Things” with my 13 year old son.
  • Reading Homegoing, The Lincoln Highway,  and Purple Hibiscus, because I love a good novel.
  • Being outside.  A lot. 

With love, courage, and connection,



P.S.  When you’re ready, here are 3 ways that I can help you or your organization. We’re currently at capacity, but are always interested in building out great future collaborations.

  • Leadership coaching that supports you in leveraging your strengths and building your capacity. 
  • Team training and development that builds trust and connection.
  • Coming soon… a program to support DEI leaders in the educational sector and construction industry.

If you want to talk further about bringing my work to you or your team,  please  schedule a call HERE