Why It's Important to Drive with Your Eyes Open

I recently attended an awesome workshop.  The presenter proposed an idea that really hit home with me.  She suggested that perhaps our businesses are driven by a suffering or pain from our past.  Perhaps we need to open our eyes more fully to motivation behind our choices.

Obviously, it’s not news that our past experiences impact our present choices enormously. This has been at the heart of my personal and professional life’s work.

But, when the presenter shared her story, and how it has shaped her work, I saw it in a new way yet again.  And it was awesome.


Do you ever think about what really drives you?  What motivates you to live your life the way you do?  To do the work you do?  To have the relationships you have?

Or, are you going along with the blinders on?  Everything’s running pretty smoothly, but you you know you’re not fully appreciating or enjoying life somehow?

When I was sitting in the workshop and she made this suggestion, I saw how having cancer at 23 is actually still driving my work and passion today.  That my business was born out of a desire to have people really love and appreciate their lives NOW, not some day.  That there are things we can’t control (i.e. getting cancer), but we can control bringing more purpose, passion, and joy into our lives.

Boom.  It flashed before me that I have a feeling of urgency about people having extraordinary lives that make a difference in the world.  Like, RIGHT NOW.  I almost feel panicked when I meet beautiful, smart, amazing women who seem like they’re only moderately happy or fulfilled.  I want to see them psyched to tell me what they’re up to.  I want to see them lit up!

So, what drives you?  If you’ve never asked yourself that question before, then I’m suggesting you’re driving the car of your life blindfolded.

The things from our past can drive us towards good, but at times they can drive us towards more suffering, only because we are living unaware of their influence.

It’s time to take the blinders off.  Dig deeper into your desires and motivators. Ask yourself where your drive comes from and if it’s serving you in your happiness?  And don’t wait.  Your passions and purpose have been with you all along, but may be hiding out.

In the comments below, I’d love to know…

“What is one thing that drives you to live your life the way you do?”

I know it’s not always easy to bring more awareness into our lives, to take the blinders off, and to create our lives NOW.

In fact, when we become crystal clear that we are responsible for our own happiness, it can be daunting.

But, imagine it like a big, blank slate or a gorgeous, new journal.  It’s wide open for you.

You are badass + brilliant.  The world needs your awesomeness.  And, if you ask me, it needs it RIGHT NOW 🙂



If you've never asked yourself what drives you, you’re driving the car of your life blindfolded. Share on X