Beautiful, brilliant women: You have permission to get angry. - Sage B. Hobbs

A long day of juggling creative work, client work, and mom work was winding down. While a fresh and healthy meal was cooking on the stove, my my son looks at me and says “Yeah, and what we’re having for dinner is disgusting.”  

I lost it.  It was the final push into fire breathing mama, woman on the edge, pissed off madness.  


It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, I can literally feel the sensation of anger… heart beating more quickly, breathing more rapidly, clenching.

And, it’s all good.  I get mad sometimes.  Sometimes getting mad is exactly the reaction we should have… to being betrayed, hurt, wronged.  

Lately I’ve been feeling like women need more permission to feel angry.  Like anger doesn’t get to be only a masculine experience.  Like living a badass + brilliant life, full and exciting, is going to include some anger.

Hell yeah.  If you want to feel really alive, you gotta go into those shadowy places occasionally to have the full human experience.

Don’t stay there.  Let the anger move through you and then tap into your heart.  Forgiveness.  Owning your part.  Asking for what you need.  Choosing love.  

Anger isn’t meant to be permanent.  It’s insanely draining and exhausting to carry it around.  But to deny it completely is to shut off access to a part of yourself.  A rich, passionate part that sometimes needs to breathe.

I was talking to a dear friend who is struggling in her partnership.  It’s been a long road, and only recently has she allowed herself to truly touch on the anger.

And it’s liberating.  It’s empowering.  It’s a part of her inner badass.

So, women of the modern world, you have full permission to have the wide range of human experience.  Anger included.

And then, let it go.  

Ah, I feel myself sighing.  Badass + brilliant living isn’t about total tranquility. It’s about passion and purpose.  Risk and reward.  Vulnerability and intimacy.

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