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Success Stories

Success Stories

I’m so grateful to work with the most courageous, bright, and motivated people around. Again and again they breakthrough to their next level of greatness, and return to their truest potential. They’ve made amazing things happen in their lives. And so can you.

Here’s what these rockstars have to say about our work together…

“She’s amazing!”

-Laura Viggiano, Senior Associate at Philanthropic Consultant Agency

“The ideal coach!”

-Suzanne Moore, Brand & Marketing Communications Manager

You wouldn’t think that one day a week could change your life. But working with Sage each Monday helped me dig deep and focus on what I really wanted. And more importantly, she gave me the tools I needed to take action. Sage helped me turn cloudy “someday” dreams into clear goals that I accomplished through new skills and daily behaviors. We call our weekly sessions “Magic Mondays” because I’ve unlocked the magic in life—and in myself.  Her supportive, down-to-earth nature combined with a no-nonsense attitude makes her the ideal coach.
- S.M.

Writer, Manager of Brand & Marketing Communications

Working with Sage has helped me realize how my personal patterns were getting in the way of reaching my potential and feeling a strong sense of clarity and integrity in my work and my personal life. Not only that, but she holds me accountable in such a deeply respectful and accepting way, helping me see my strengths and ‘practice’ the things that are hard. Sage is helping me develop habits and systems that make me more organized, true to my word, dependable and professional, while maintaining my excitement and creativity. Every time I talk to Sage, I hang up feeling inspired and reinvigorated to face the things that are challenging to me. I always think, ‘I’m so glad I’m doing this, for me, for my family and friends, and for my business.’
- C.A.

Entrepreneur (Experiential Education), Mother, Adventurer

I started working with Sage as I was contemplating my life’s direction. Sage asked the tough, but essential, questions that allowed me to truly think about what I want and need, and take the steps to lead me towards my goals. My work with Sage has been instrumental in increasing my self-confidence, self-awareness, and happiness. I am now seeking a career change and I am excited about the possibilities. I will be forever grateful for Sage’s insightful guidance and support during this process.
– T.A.

Mother, Teacher

“Sage brings personal experiences, humor and practical methods for approaching challenging conversations. She is relatable, supportive and authentic – tremendous assets for diversity and inclusion conversations. Sage blended her skillful communication expertise and training, with information and exercises on empathy, equity and social justice to create more inclusive, person-to-person leadership practices.

– Jessica G. Hartung | Founder, Integrated Work | Author of The Conscious Professional

Sage is the real deal! She listens to words you didn’t even know you said aloud. She is deliberate, strategic, and effortless in her coaching approach, making it incredibly natural to be open to her process and ultimately see change in yourself.”

– Rachael Schwartz | Communications and PR Strategist

When I approached Sage I wasn’t sure if coaching was the best route to take knowing the big changes that were going on in my life. I knew in my heart, I needed some guidance in where I should go next and how to get out of the rut I was in and find the new shoes I should be wearing in the steps of my life. What woman doesn’t want a new pair of shoes (so to speak).

Sage listened to me and my needs and shined her light on me. She is always so positive and doesn’t allow me to dwell on the things that are wasting my energy. She was quick to realize my potential and patient as I begun to realize what an amazing woman I am and what I deserve. Every time we speak we discuss the tools and actions I need to get me closer to where I want to be. I’m taking new steps in my new shoes and they feel comfortable and I want to strut my stuff. I’m learning to value, love, and forgive myself as well as the ones around me. Making yourself a priority is harder than it seems being a single mom and I’m taking big strides in believing in that statement “if mommy is happy, then everyone is happy.” I feel I have made a great investment in myself in trusting in Sage.  She has helped me take those new steps into finding the Bold, Brilliant Badass Self I am. Thank you Sage for my new shoes (figuratively). I’m loving the way they feel. If you’re looking for new shoes to change your walk in life, make the investment in yourself with Sage.

– Kaye

Bold, Brilliant, Badass, Design Superhero and Mom

“Changed my life.”

-Jill Douglas, Arbonne Sales Consultant

“Just do it! For reals!”

-Heather Gray, Owner of Heather Gray Photography

“Sage is the real deal.”

-Rachael Schwartz, Public Relations

As someone who is constantly striving to create a successful strategy in my sales career, I have struggled putting my own ideas into action.  Sage Hobbs has helped me take the ideas which I believe can make me successful, and put them into an organized plan which I can more easily follow.  Since working with her I have set more attainable and appropriate goals, become more organized, and feel much more confident on a daily basis.  I would recommend her services to anyone who feels like they could use more structure in their personal or professional lives.

Sales Representative

“Sage embodies a foundational belief in the power and beauty of humanity and the possibility of all of us continually working toward becoming better versions of ourselves. She is a masterful facilitator.”

-Robbyn Fernanandez | Assistant Superintendent | Boulder Valley School District

“Sage’s presentation to our group stimulated a momentum that ran through the event – inspiring our group with purpose, passion, inspiration, and fresh tools to bring to the new work year.”

–Kari Albright | Budget Director | Boulder Valley School District

As someone who was the world’s least likely person to sign up for life coaching, I couldn’t believe how much I looked forward to my weekly calls with Sage during a time of transition and general life panic. While she offered up incredible practical tips for reaching my goals, her true gift is to listen (and listen and listen) to you ramble and ruminate and then, when it’s her turn to speak—to cut right to the heart of the matter in a single sentence. We all talk in circles and put off change, butshe distilled all the chatter and created a lot of clarity around why I, specifically, was stuck in a rut—and what I needed to do about it. 
- C. Palmer

Editor, Mother

My sessions with Sage enabled me to achieve a new level of self insight and awareness. With Sage, I identified issues which were road blocks to my personal and professional happiness.  In a relatively short amount of time, Sage helped me realize what was truly important, what was not and, above all, tools to use in the future. My path forward is now paved not only with the tools I need to achieve financial freedom, but the tools to be a better communicator and more present.

Lawyer, Mother

Working with Sage has brought clarity and feelings of relief about a major decision in my life. Sage helped me acknowledge deeper issues that were connected to my decision, which was hindering me from taking action.  She helped me see the value of changing my black-and-white thinking so that my decision would bring me peace and happiness. Her questions were grounding, and offered me a mind-body connection that I had not found elsewhere. Her bold yet nurturing manner is guaranteed to spark the joy in your life too!
- E. Tweten

Mother and Counselor

Sage is the real deal! She listens to words you didn’t even know you said aloud. Her warm enthusiasm and genuine zest for herself and those around her is carried through in every question she asks and each statement she makes. She is deliberate, strategic, and effortless in her coaching approach. Sage centered my thinking and set me on a path to realize new greatness in my career.I’m excited to embark on the  action-able game plan that resulted from our “Power Session.” I would absolutely recommend Sage as a coach to any woman who is open to exploring a new level of herself in all that she does at work, at home, or wherever she is presently.
- R. Schwartz

Public Relations Strategist, Mother, Entrepreneur

Sage is incredibly supportive.  I felt like I had someone on my team who looked out for my best interest.  Sage communicates in a clear, effective way; she asks thought-provoking questions and encourages me to be self-reflective.  I had been thinking about starting a Literacy Through Art program for the past year.  I launched the program six-weeks into our work together and it filled up!  She celebrated my success with such enthusiasm.  She helped me realize my vision in a way that I would not have done without her support.
- K.M.

Artist, Teacher, Mother, Entrepreneur

“Great investment!”

-K. Wonder, Graphic Designer

“She distilled the chatter and created clarity.”

-C. Palmer, Fashion Editor

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